San Francisco 49ers Inept and Incompetent?

Divya ParmarSenior Analyst INovember 25, 2009

Year after year. Failure after failure after failure.

The last five seasons: a combined 25-55 record. Furthermore, the 2009 season is heading down the drain before our very eyes. There is no doubt that this franchise is mismanaged from the coaching staff to front office.

Take, for example, the offensive line. The offensive line is horrible, and that is a huge reason the Niners can't get anything going on offense. The front office may claim that the line is "a work in progress."

Really? Five years of drafts and development have meant absolutely nothing? How can a front office not have a solid offensive line with all that time to work with? The abysmal failure in the trenches reflects the ineptitude of this franchise.

Speaking of ineptitude, who can forget about Alex "Small Hands" Smith? At this point, there can be no more flip-flopping. Either Smith is the guy for the future or not. Open it up, use the shotgun, and let it rip. No more short dump-off passes to the flat or halfback draws. Let's see what Alex Smith can do when he's truly in his spread offense element.

If Smith succeeds, the Niners may have a quarterback for the future. If he fails, move on. Cut bait. There is no time to be wasted on bust players. Then give Nate Davis the reigns and see if he's the man for the future.

Find the best man at the QB position, plain and simple. The Niners have wasted five years on Alex Smith, and the franchise still doesn't know if he's the QB of the future. The pick of Alex Smith has set the franchise back at least half a decade. The Niners can't waste any more time on Smith if he is deemed to be a bust.

Just when it seemed like Singletary would be the ray of hope, things have turned sour, and the team is on a slide. Singletary is very motivating, and he knows every single platitude in the book, but his speeches aren't translating into wins. Nothing has changed since the Nolan Era. Singletary says the same things every single week: we need to finish, we aren't executing, etc, etc. Yet the Niners haven't improved in those areas.

The problem isn't the just the coaching staff. It is just as much, if not more so, the front office. Scot McCloughan has swung and missed at too many draft picks. 

For example, in the 2008 NFL Draft, the Niners had a clear need at wide receiver and needed a playmaker. Yet McCloughan takes Kentwan Balmer and Chilo Rachal, while passing on a dangerous DeSean Jackson. Balmer and Rachal both had question marks and were high risk picks, as was Jackson. But Jackson's potential was huge, and it is now clear the Niners made a mistake with that pick.

With each passing year comes new hope, but false hope. It's like deja vu. A good ending to the previous season, newfound optimism, a fast start. The bandwagon grows, then the team crashes and burns.

These years have shown that the fundamentals of the team are not, as some want to believe, strong. The rapid turnover at offensive coordinator is an indicator of instability. With Jimmy Raye's likely firing after this season, the cycle will likely repeat itself.

The Niners need to clean house. Get rid of anyone that can't perform. Don't blindly hope, while lingering in the past. The Niners need to move past this era of incompetence to a bright new future.