Ben Weixlmann's 100th Article

Ben WeixlmannSenior Writer IJune 12, 2008

When I was advised to join Bleacher Report just over a month ago by friend and fellow writer Peter Fleischer, I knew I had the ability to write at a relatively high level. I was on my high school newspaper staff all four years, and was sports editor for the latter two.

Peter said I should join the site because he knew I was infatuated with sports, and also had a legit passion for writing.

One month later, I am writing my 100th article, and I have become addicted to this website.

After many of my first stories did not graze many computer screens, I have hit gold on a couple of stories, amassing several thousand reads.

My most popular story to-date has been a golf story concerning Tony Romo. The story saw nearly 10,000 reads, bringing my current reads total to 35,432.

I have also accomplished some other feats on B/R. I was recently appointed a Senior Writer, just one month into my tenure, and I am also a Co-Community Leader for my beloved St. Louis Cardinals.

Using a vast base of sports knowledge, I have written stories about everything from college basketball to international soccer to golf. I have felt right at home with this site, and I'm more than happy that I made the decision to join.

It has allowed me to express my viewpoints in an organized manner and receive constructive comments about my work. In the past week, Peter and I have established a St. Louis Cardinals Roundtable discussion, in which we pose questions and use a panel of B/R writers to answer.

In our first week, we were able to get a nice feedback, as ten people commented on our format and content.

I have received five Pick of the Day votes, but unfortunately have yet to receive a day's award. I would like to shoutout to Andrew Kneeland, who gave me my first Pick of the Day vote.

Slowly but surely, I am working my way up the writer's rankings. I am currently 11th in MLB writing and 41st overall on the site.

After a month on B/R though, I don't seem to care about the rankings. I just love to write, and I attempt to make each and every article thought-provoking.

One of these days, if I choose sports journalism as my professional career, I will look back fondly on the times I wrote for Bleacher Report.

I am thrilled to be a part of such a great website, and I hope that I can pour several more months and even years worth of writing into this site.

So in closing, I thank each and every one of you, writers and staff alike, for helping me live out a dream: writing for a professional organization that does things right.