Why Do People See the American League as Being Dominant?

Harris DeckerSenior Analyst IJune 11, 2008

I don't understand the stigma hanging over the National League's head. Yes, they have not won very many All-Star Games in recent history, but is that the sign of a weak league? 

I always hear people say, "well he's the best in the National League, he wouldn't do anything in the American League." 

That is the most stupid comment, but in their defense, a lot of people that think these are simply Yankees fans (I will get into the lowest level of sports fans in another article). 

Seriously, what makes the American League a better or more competitive place to play baseball? If you want to say that the hitters are stronger and more home run driven in the American League, I would respect those comments, but with a very big HOWEVER...

Lets take some big sluggers and look at who they face pitching-wise in their current leagues, and then lets turn the tables on them.

We'll start with everyone's favorite, Alex Rodriguez. The best pitcher in the American League (currently) is Chien-Ming Wang and he will never face him. After that is a bunch of mid-level starters, the best of which belong to the Tampa Bay Rays (Shields and Kazmir). He faces no strong pitchers! 

I'm not saying he's not a great hitter, but the stigma needs to go away. If you took most American-League batters and dropped them into a league that could actually pitch, they would not be as successful.

Look at Alex and Hamilton (RBI leader). If we took these two talented baseball players and dropped them into the National League West, they would be facing Jake Peavy, Dan Haren, Chris Young, Brandon Webb, Greg Maddux, and Tim Lincecum on a regular basis, instead of a bunch of nobodies.

If you took the top-10 pitchers in the American League, and put them up against these guys, you would see the World Series go to the National League every year (solely based on pitching). 

Another interesting fact is that this year, the American League has a major fault. All of the great hitters have not been hitting. As I write this, we might be in the year where people realize this and the National League gains the respect they deserve. As of June 8, the current runs, doubles, triples, home runs, average, wins, strikeouts and ERA leaders are all in the National League. 

The other frightening thing is that even in the categories that the American League leads in, the leaders are out of left field, players who are having career, or breakout years. These players include Josh Hamilton and Cliff Lee. 

This rant is basically just to make sure the NL gets the respect they deserve. Hopefully this year we can get some home-field advantage!