Countdown to Modern Warfare 2

Bobby HoltContributor INovember 6, 2009

With less than 4 days to go until the highly anticipated sequel to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward is ramping up their marketing campaign.  They released the launch trailer the other day that showed something that not even the most imaginative minds could come up with.


Space.  Yeah, Call of Duty, in space.  At about :59 seconds in, there is a short clip of something blowing up, in space.  As if there weren’t enough reasons to want the game.  Recently a few stores have broken the street date and certain facts have been released about the game, mostly multiplayer.  Below I will give a break down of the weapon unlocks and perks, so if you want this to remain spoiler free.  Do not read any further.


Weapons: (lvl)


M4a1(lvl 1.)

Famas A1(lvl 1.)

Scar-H (lvl 8.)

Tar-21 (lvl 20.)

FAL (lvl 28.)

M16A4 (lvl 41.)

Winchester ACR (lvl 48.)

FN F2000 (lvl 60.)

AK-47 (lvl 70)

Sub Machine:

MP5K (lvl 1.)

UMP (lvl 1.)

TDI Vector (lvl 12.)

P90 (lvl 24.)

Mini-zi (lvl 44.)

Light Machine:

L86 LSW (lvl 1.)

RPD (lvl 1.)

MG4 (lvl 16.)

AUG HBAR (lvl 32.)

M240 (lvl 52.)

Sniper Rifles:

Intervention (lvl 1.)

Barett m82a1 .50 cal anti-material (lvl 1.)

WA-2000 (lvl 36.)

M21 EBR (lvl 56.)

Riot Shield

Secondary Weapons:

Machine Pistols:

PP2000 (lvl 1.)

Glock 18 (lvl 22.)

M93 Beretta (lvl 38.)

TMP (lvl 58.)

- SPAS-12 (lvl 1.)
- AA-12 (lvl 18.)
- Armsel Striker (lvl 34.)
- Double barreld shotgun  lvl 42.)
- M1014 lvl 54.)
- Winchester 1887 (lvl 67.)


- USP. 45 (lvl 1.)
- .44 magnum (lvl 26.)
- M9 (lvl 46.)
- Desert Eagle (lvl 62.)

- AT-4 HS (lvl 1.)
- Thumper *2 (lvl 14.)
- Stinger  (lvl 30.)
- Javelin (lvl 50.)
- RPG-7 (lvl 65.)

Frag grenade (lvl 1.)
Semtex (lvl 1.)
Throwing knifes (lvl 7)
Tactical insertion (lvl 11)
Blast Shield (lvl 19)
Claymore (lvl 31)
C4 (lvl 43)



FMJ- Deep Impact Basicaly Deep Impact (There is No Deep Impact Perk)

Rapid Fire- Double Tap

Holographic Sight- A zoomed in red dot sight with better aiming

Thermal Sight- Make people glow white when zoomed into scope

Attached Shotgun- Shotgun attached to gun like a noob tube (Only on assault rifles)


Gernade Launcher (10 Kills To Unlock)

Red Dot Sight (25 Kills To Unlock)

Silencer (75 Kills To Unlock)

ACOG Scope (150 Kills To Unlock)


Care Package Kills- 4
Counter UAV Kills- 4
Sentry Gun Kills- 5
Predator Missile Kills- 5
Precision Air Strike Kills-6
Attack Helicopter Kills-7
Harrier Strike Kills- 7
Pave Low Kills-9
Stealth Bomber Kills- 9
Emergancy Airdrop Kills- 8
AC-130 Gunship Kills- 11
Chopper Gunner Kills- 11
EMP Kills- 15
Tactial Nuke Kills- 25

Death Streaks:

Copy Cat Deaths- 4
Painkiller Deaths- 3
Martydom Deaths- 4
Last Stand Deaths-?


Blue (1st Perk Set)
Unlimited Sprint
PRO: Climb Over Obstacles Faster

Slight Of Hand
Faster Reloading
PRO: Aim Down Sights Faster

Full resupply from dead enemies
PRO: Unknown

2 primary weapon attachments.
PRO: 2 wepon attachments for secondary wepon

One Man Army
PRO: Unknown

Red (2nd Perk Set)

Stopping Power
Increased Bullet Damage
PRO: Increased Bullet Damage to Vehicles (Killstreaks)

Move Faster
PRO: Unknown

Killstreaks require 1 less kill
PRO: Deathstreaks require 1 less death

Undetectable by UAV, air support, sentries and thermal
PRO: Unknown

Danger Close
Increases explosive weapons damage.
PRO: Unknown

Green (Perk Set 3)

Increased Melee Distance
PRO: Unknown

Detects enemy explosives and tactical insertions.
PRO: Unknown

Invisible to heartbeat sensors.
PRO: Unknown

Steady Aim
Increased hip-fire accuracy
PRO: Hold Breath Longer With Scope Guns

Scrambles (jams) the enemy radar in a small radius
PRO: Delays Claymores


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