Tim Tebow NOT a First Round Pick

Chris ZanonContributor IOctober 27, 2009

GAINESVILLE, FL - OCTOBER 17: Quarterback Tim Tebow #15 of the Florida Gators bobbles a snap against the University of Arkansas Razorbacks October 17, 2009 at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville, Florida.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

Thousands of University of Florida and Tim Tebow fans need not continue reading this article. It is for your own good. This is your last chance to avoid a broken heart. You have been warned. Tim Tebow is not, I repeat is not, a first round pick! This is not a opinion this is a fact. Yes, Tebow is a talented football player and a skilled athlete. He is just not in line to be a great NFL quarterback. For all intents and purposes, he may not even be an NFL quarterback at all.

Tebow has unmatched production. His statistics and skills even broke the long standing streak of underclassmen not winning the Heisman Trophy. He did so after accomplishing the unmatched feat of recording at least 20 touchdowns passing (32) and rushing (23). His 23 rushing touchdowns are the most in SEC history regardless of position. He has over 7,500 passing yards and 75 touchdowns. He also has a career 65.4% completion percentage. And that doesn't even mention his 2,503 career rushing yards and and 49 touchdowns on the ground. These are amazing statistics and he is a skilled enough athlete to have accomplished them, but these stats have been exaggerated by Florida coach Urban Meyer's spread offense and quick strike defense. Meyer's spread created  quarterbacks Josh Harris, Alex Smith and Chris Leak. All were drafted into the NFL with their vastly overly exaggerated statistics and none (thus far) have succeeded by any stretch of the imagination.Tebow is next in line of overrated quarterbacks built by the spread offense.

Tebow has a body type that is not conducive to success at the quarterback position. With the new found popularity of the wildcat offense in the NFL, there may be snaps at the quarterback position for Tebow. The snaps he will receive will not, however be with any regularity. The wildcat has created a position that can utilize the hybridity of today's college football athlete (player). Tebow possesses decent height for the quarterback spot, but his weight is a bit over the top. He, like Brady Quinn before him, has added too much muscle mass to his frame. This muscle will impede upon his mechanics throwing the ball. Tebow is actually over ten pounds heavier than Quinn, or at least he is listed as such. Tebow has good speed, but that speed will not translate to the NFL when he would be forced to take snaps from under center and out the spread offense. The spread offense is not only hurting Tebow's prospects, but those of Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy.

The biggest reason that he Mr. Tebow will be forced to find another position eventually is his ability to throw the ball. This is his overarching weakness. Yes, he can run. Yes, he makes solid decisions. Yes, he is an great athlete and an even better person. But, he lacks elite arm strength. His accuracy is below average especially against greater opponents (see the Tennessee game 9/19/09). He is also vulnerable in the red zone, especially when blitzed (see the Mississippi State game 10/24/09). He tends to overlook safeties (Eric Berry can thank him for his first career interception which he returned for a touchdown). His decent arm strength gives way a bit on intermediate passes and shows too much flutter on his deep throws. Todd McShay of ESPN says of Tebow's delivery, "On 2007 and 2008 film Tebow takes entirely too long getting the ball out. It will be difficult to succeed in the NFL with the elongated, three-quarter delivery that he has used the past two seasons."

Will he be drafted? Without any doubt will he be drafted. Will it be in the first round? No, his name will be called in a later round. No matter what the Jacksonville Jaguars have said about drafting him, he will most likely not find himself under center as the regular starting quarterback for them at the start of next year. He has a great will to succeed and probably go to the Combine as a quarterback so as to prove himself.He has a better to be an impactful player in the NFL at another position. He could be a running back, full back, H-back or tight end. There is no knowing where he will end up or what position he will end up playing, but he will be a successful person with thousands of fans rooting him on.