Is There Racism in Sports?

Adam LindemerSenior Analyst IJune 3, 2008

This is a tough question to answer, and whatever answer is given, it will not be agreed with completely.

Is there racism in the sports world? Possibly, but there's also racism in the REAL WORLD, which is a much bigger problem we face. After all, it is 2008, shouldn't we be done with this issue yet?

The reason this is a big issue in sports is because the media is choosing to make it one. ESPN and other sport outlets are making it a bigger issue than it really is. The problem isn't with sports themselves, but rather with the media covering them.

We need to stop believing what the media always tells, and start to learn to make decisions for ourselves.

Why is Willie Randolph under fire? It's simple, he's not doing his job. His team completely imploded at the end of the '07 season, and they are off to a slow start this year.

The Mets are talented and play in New York, so of course when they fail the manager takes the fall. There have been plenty of white managers in low market cities who have gotten canned before the All-Star break, this is nothing new.

Why is Randolph the big issue here? Because the media is making it one.

Daunte Culpepper IS overrated. With Moss, the Vikes were good, but when he went to Oakland, it went away. Rex Grossman (his white QB-counterpart) is also overrated, and I wonder why the Bears think he's so good?

Let's look at the big issue of the supposed issue of 'racism in sports' though.

Why are only white guys playing hockey, or why is the NBA dominated by black guys?

Because the kids play the sports that dominate the area in which they grow up in. I grew up in Milwaukee (which is a very segregated city), and can figure out why the above questions are asked.

I haven't seen too many hockey rinks in the 'inner city', but there are a lot of basketball courts. So kids from the inner city (areas where the stats show there are more blacks) will play basketball; it's that simple.

Baseball and football is a toss-up, there are plenty of fields around, but the issue becomes whether or not the kids are interested in the sport.

The percentage of blacks playing in the MLB is at an all-time low. Why? Maybe because they can't compete with all the Latin American players, or simply the interest level is heavier in another sport.

The MLB has a program in which players go into the inner city and show the kids that baseball could 'be your ticket out'. Why doesn't this program pan out? You have to ask the kids who choose not to play.

As a white guy, why aren't there more of 'us' in the NBA? And when I do see them, why are they near the end of the bench?

Racism works both ways here. There are more 'international whites' in the NBA then there are American-whites. Why? Whites are choosing to play baseball and football or other sports that draw their interest.

Again, the issue isn't racism in sports, but racism in our everyday lives. That racism just trickles down into every facet of our American way of life, which makes people believe that racism in sports is a huge concern when the bigger picture should draw more of a reaction.