Did Lebron James Lead Braylon Edwards Trade Talk?

Cameron MasonContributor IOctober 7, 2009

Following Braylon Edward’s altercation and assault of Edward Givens, Cleveland nightclub promoter and reigning NBA MVP Lebron James’ associate, Braylon Edwards has been traded to the New York Jets. The question which could be speculated is did Lebron James have his hand in the trade talks?

James was critical of Edwards and described his actions as “childish” for sucker punching Givens outside of the View Ultralounge and Nightclub in downtown Cleveland. Givens claims Edwards landed the punch prior to when a few Browns players stepped in before the altercation escalated.

Since drafting Lebron, the entire city of Cleveland has grown tremendously within the downtown area. All streets leading to Quickens’ Loan Arena have been paved with gold as high-rise lofts and condominiums, nightclubs, and restaurants have been constructed to bring the money back into the city.

The entire world knows Lebron’s contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers is over following the 2010 NBA season. The speculation which arose in my mind is Lebron could have contacted Danny Ferry, Cavaliers general manager, discussing the altercation with his friend and Braylon Edwards, potentially telling Ferry he wanted Edwards out of Cleveland immediately.

Ferry in turn contacted Frank Jackson, mayor of Cleveland, to discuss the King’s orders. With all of the rumors, assumption, and speculation of Lebron leaving and going to New York, Jackson possibly contacted the Browns to do whatever it takes to maintain the global basketball icon’s happiness in the city.

The positive coming from this situation is Lebron may not leave Cleveland following the season, as his debut with the Shaq was a success.

Cleveland once again displayed they will do anything to keep the King and his knights of the round table satisfied. Lebron may not leave and go to one of the teams in the Big Apple, as he and Givens could run into Braylon Edwards within yet another nightclub altercation.