Sports Nerds: iPhone's Sportstacular App Adds Push Notifications

JoeSportsFanSenior Analyst ISeptember 15, 2009

For in-game updates, sports fans have a ton of options for the Apple iPhone. Although traditional outlets such as ESPN (iTunes link), CBS (iTunes link) and Fox Sports (iTunes link) have all released free game-tracking application over the past 6 months, Sportstacular – an independent product released by Citizen Sports, Inc. – might be the best game-tracking application on the market.

That lede read like a Sunday morning infomercial, but stick with me here.

Sportstacular (iTunes link) is *free* and recently added some insane functionality, just in time for football season.

Just like many of the previously-mentioned applications in this genre, Sportstacular provides live updates for all of the major professional and collegiate sports. While Sportstacular’s box scores are slick, a recent update added push notifications – which basically look like text messages, but are free.

Best of all, Sportstacular’s push notifications are easily configurable. You can set up push notifications by sport (i.e. Send me all NFL scores when games ends), or you can establish notifications for an individual team of interest (i.e. Send me all score changes for the St. Louis Cardinals).

Pretty freaking cool.

For baseball season, it might not be a big deal.  It’s fairly easy to keep tabs on the home team. But for football season, sometimes it can be a chore to keep an eye on all of Saturday’s Top 25 college action or all of Sunday’s NFL games…especially if you’re stuck at a weekend wedding shower or dragged to the grocery store with the spouse.

The core Sportstacular features (e.g., all game updates, push notifications, etc.) are 100% free. There is a $1.99 Pro version of the Sportstacular application, which removes banner ads. Truth be told, they don’t impede the value of the free version.

[ Sportstacular ]

Side Note: As steadfast fantasy managers, we’d like to see Sportstacular add push notifications for individual players, so that alerts are sent any time a specific player does something in a game.  Now *that* would really be something.  Please and thank you.

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