Melky Cabrera: Analyzing the New York Yankees' Center Fielder

Jeremy KaufmanSenior Analyst IMay 25, 2008

Here is my assessment of Melky Cabrera, center fielder for the New York Yankees:

1)     Contact: B+

Melky is an above-average contact hitter, as evidenced through his ability to foul off tough pitches until he finds one he can hit.

2)     Power: B-

While Melky is certainly not known to be a power hitter, he has shown some pop in his bat this year. As Melky develops strength, his power should certainly increase.

3)     Batting for Average: B

Melky has the ability to hit for a .300 or higher average every year. I would expect to see his average settle around the .300 mark at season’s end.

4)     Speed: B

While he isn’t a true base stealer, he is pretty fast, and when need be he certainly is capable of swiping a bag or two.

5)     Base Running: A-

Melky is a very smart base runner. He knows when to tag, when to go for third, and when to go home. It is certainly important he runs the bases well and this may be the most overlooked aspect of today's baseball.

6)     Fielding: A

I believe that Melky was robbed last year of a Gold Glove, as he is truly one of the top outfield defenders in the game today. Melky has both the range and the glove to make an impact in the field.

7)     Arm: A

Aside from maybe Ichiro, Melky has the strongest arm of any centerfielder in the game today. Cabrera recorded 16 outfield assists last year, and we can expect to see similar production from him this year.

 Overall Grade: B+