New York Yankees, George Bush, Roger Clemens & Land of the Free: Baseball 9/11

Patrick ReadSenior Writer ISeptember 1, 2009

Moral Courage Lifted A Free World To Its Feet Again  

Washington DC

September 1, 2009

Intended for the youth, this is the true story about 9/11, the New York Yankees and how a free people showed their courage by way of the All-American past-time.

I offer my solemn prayer to those who made the ultimate sacrifice, including to the NY Fire Department. They climbed several hundred stairs leading up to towers-ablaze while weighed down by more than just equipment.  

Their courage in the face of overwhelming odds is truly something we can all learn from, which is to never quit and never surrender—even when up against unparalleled odds. The outcome of their action on 9/11 saved thousands of lives and all life is precious. Every single one.  

Some may not remember what happened on 9/11—perhaps you were too young and have only heard bits of information.

Allow me to share with you the true story about 9/11 and how President Bush, Baseball and Roger Clemens came to lift the spirit of those living in the "land of the free" after having suffered an incredible attack. 

They lifted the spirits of all people, even those in other nations wishing to become free too.

I was working at Cape Canaveral Air Station (CCAFS), where rockets blast off into outer space. Next door to CCAFS is the Kennedy Space Center, home of the Space Shuttle.

I know what power it takes to launch a rocket, a power sometimes confused with something unnatural or fake. The power used to launch a rocket is not artificial; rather it comes right from the salt of the earth.

I was a Turnover Technician in 2001, working for a company that was building and starting-up Launch Pad 37B.  We were hired by Boeing, who is a manufacturer of aircraft for air & space travel, and had just built the world's largest rocket called, The Delta IV.

I was a little overwhelmed about having such an important job, but was focused on just doing my best everyday and working as hard as I could. I said my prayers every night and asked God to help those in need. Sometimes people get lost on God's highway, and they are the ones I was taught to pray for—never for self.

I was going through my normal daily routine at the office on Sept.11.  It involved a lot of flipping through scientific data, following up with the building contractors, calling Boeing to make sure that each system was “set for go,” and that they approved of what the builders had constructed. 

I was sitting on the right side of our group arrangement when all of a sudden the phone rang. Thinking it was Boeing—who I was about to call—I picked up the phone and got the biggest shock of my life. My daughter hadn't been born yet ~ which was also a shock ~ because the miracle of life far outweighs everything else on the planet.

It was my supervisor calling from his cell phone on his way to work, “Pat, a passenger plane just flew into one of the World Trade Center Towers in New York City!”

His voice was excited and he was clearly upset. He knew I had a background in Air Traffic Control and that I served the United States Air Force for six years, with another two years serving in the private industry. That job is kind of like being the traffic cop of the sky.

At first I didn't believe him, “No way,” I reacted, “Passenger aircraft can’t fly that low over heavily populated areas.”

“Oh no—Jesus!” he cried, “Another one just hit the other tower!”

I heard the crash ~ the exploding sound of glass & metal ~ in the background on his radio and thought to myself, "that was no accident." 

I immediately left the field engineer trailer and hurried to the site safety trailer. I rushed inside and saw it on TV:  two large passenger jets (767's) had crashed into the World Trade Center Towers. The replays were aired & I saw it: one after the other. 

"They were hijacked," I said aloud. The field engineer from Boeing looked at me. He knew I had a background in ATC too, "That was no accident. That was an  attack,"  I uttered, eyes welling up.

His hand flew to his forehead, “We have people in there," he cried. “I know,” I  shuttered, “I am a New Yorker and have people in there too.”

Who is responsible? The hijackers are responsible. Their hate and those allied to them are responsible.  And thus, the War is against Terror. Their hate kills as they distort and control others—enough so that some bad guys from half-way around the world flew themselves into buildings packed full of innocent human life.

The bad guys did this to serve their selfish want and desire, alone.

The question is: Who benefited the most from the War on Terror? 

The answer is simple: The same country where the 9/11-Hijackers and Osama bin Laden were from, is who benefited most. The Kingdom that leads OPEC is the one who benefited the most. 

Saudi Arabia benefited the most from 9/11 and its resulting War on Terror. Why? They control the price of oil, which was already very high and has been even higher since the War began. 

It is time for all people to be free, and now they are being freed over there. The women of Afghanistan proudly displayed blue-inked fingers after freely voting for the first time in their country's history. "For the first time ever" is what we call a VICTORY.

Smiling faces are unmistakable. They're eyes show clear approval of freedom's ring & should be a lesson to the Saudi King to keep his golden chains of slavery and just let Freedom Ring for all. "The Law of Nature" demands it be (Read the Declaration of Independence).

I am not blaming all of Saudi Arabia—just the elite and royal few—who prey on the massive amount of poor people & distort their history, all while drinking from golden beer mugs, wearing big-bling and handing out funny chains to foreign delegates (Obama) who make them happy.  Saddam Hussein tried to buy loyalty, while enslaving others too. It didn't work out well for him. 

The Saudi should tell their people that the "fight" is internal to each individual; not external to others. The "spiritual struggle" is relative each individual's own mind, body and soul. When governments try to make it external to others, bad things usually result. 

Do you think they will? Of course not. Why? It is cheaper to keep them misguided and enslaved.  It's all about the money for the Saudi royalty with their "chains that bind."

 It can be said that 9/11 was an attack on the entire free world—whose capital city is in New York. They then sent their Crowned Prince to New York City so he could offer his charity for the "sins of its sons." 

The Prince may have expected Rudy to bow down, because he said "It was America's own Imperialismthat was the cause of 9/11." Does that sound familiar?


Attention: In America we do not take kindly to monarch style governance, nor do we take kindly to the practice of slavery.


Imperialist? We do not stay where we are not asked. Just ask the Irish-American about slavery and Imperialism. Ask them what war they're most proud of too. The Civil War is the answer. We won for all and all for one. For some reason that part of our history is not taught by selfish unions in our schools. Maybe the teachers are only serving their so-called “union," who donates their money to one political party in order to win favor. Special favors only serve to sell  out liberty in the land of the free. 

In the end, only truth will prevail.

The great Abraham Lincoln freed all and gave all independence—even the Irish Catholic, who was brought here in shackles too. I don't mean indentured servants, but Irish slavery existed here from the 1600s forward (here).

They used Irish salves to free all slaves and our country has not stopped freeing slaves ever since.

Rudy Giuliani swiftly scoffed at the Prince, turned away his so-called charity and immediately showed him the door out of our country. Rudy has been there and done that before with some pretty bad guys. He displayed sheer leadership that day as he made all New Yorkers and all Americans proud while doing it.

"Stand up for America," is the lesson that Rudy taught. 

Awe inspiring is that one jet—loaded with those with moral courage—was taken back from the flying-coward. Their action ultimately resulted in a suicidal-pilot crashing the plane into a remote area where no one else could be injured.  The passengers saved a lot of lives that day.  It was rumored that Flight 92, the plane that crashed in Shanksville, was headed for the Capitol Building.

Awe inspiring was a man named Todd Beamer (go to his memorial site), who gathered a band of patriots and shouted "Lets Roll!" Here is a good article to remember Shanksville and those brave Americans who sacrificed for us all.

America has nothing to apologize for, President Obama. They hit us, not the other way around. We're just a free people and they hate us for it. They call us infidels—or those not loyal to faith.  There is no room for forgiveness in the Extreme Islamic distortion. 

America and President Bush "did do right," despite what inaugural poets might prose over. America will continue the fight to emancipate all, and that means everyone, because "ALL are Created equal” and ALL were created to be free. Even you, even me. 

CCAFS closed down for a long time after that attack of hate founded in distortion; and I sat glued to the TV watching on in disbelief. Utterly depressed and shaken to my core—those were people, not viruses.

The military blood in my veins boiled and my emotion ranged from complete despair over to anger and back to despair again.  This roller coaster happened every single day and every American was on it.


What pulled the country up form that dark depression, that sense of helplessness and anger?

For me, and millions of other people around the globe, it was the All-American pastime. It was baseball.

Does ESPN still remember, as does the MLB? I think so, but some of their partners are pretty questionable.  NBC likes to  use the bully pulpit and pick their winners for all of us, instead of letting it all play-out on the open and free field.  They like to interfere with their cheer.  Note to NBC: Special favors only serve to sell out liberty in the land of the free. 

What lifted this nation back to its feet again after 9/11? 

It was President Bush who did the talking for all of us after the attack, while standing in the rubble of Ground Zero and shouting on with the construction worker, iron-worker, the police and firefighter—the country and the whole free world listened.

               “The people who knocked over these buildings will hear all of us soon!” 

A thunderous applause erupted and ALL of Congress (even Nancy Pelosi) voted and passed the Declaration for the War on Terror. Not just one group or man, but all Terror and those that harbor them. They are still out there too.

I will not forget, I promise my fallen brothers, it smolders in my soul like the rubble at ground zero. I will not forget the shouts...

“The nation sends its love.”

"Go get ‘em, George!”

“God Bless America!”


It's called patriotism and as a country, we lost that somehow and are now only interested in name calling and hate. 

I think we learned that hate is a killer though, so don't hate—but try and forgive. 




The type moral courage displayed at Ground Zero lifted us all—as one nation under God—once again. We stood united; we stood for justice, for peace and we stood for those who couldn’t stand anymore. United, we stood.

For now, our effort over there (play this as loud as you can) is focused on those who distort the Koran for their own selfish purpose and are the same that have had this country under attack for more than fifty years. 

Moral Courage Lifted A Free World To Its Feet Again  

I can say that the War has been a success. Real hope has been spreading throughout the Middle East ever since. They had blue ink on their fingers, President Obama (here). Recall the Iraqi and Afghanistan women with the blue ink (here) and their smiles of sheer joy (here). They are now another freed slave after centuries of oppression (here).

Our “reconstruction effort” is going just fine, Mr. Doberman—Count that if you can. That silly "how many days since the end of the war" propaganda is annoying to those who serve.  Of course, Keith would have known that our military is in the normal process of reconstruction had he ever served. He didn't serve though, which is why he doesn't know.  He just doesn't get it.

          So again, what lifted the United States of America back to her feet?

It was the type moral courage that Bud Selig once had when he cried, “play ball!

It was the type moral courage that a man named Jack Buck, (watch his poem) who courageously stood on a baseball field after a terrorist attack on the free and addressed the whole world, saying:

We are a blessed people and have rushed to help other nations; anything, anytime, anywhere…War is not in our nature… We won’t start it, but end the fight and will always protect what is right…We have no choice…and as our fathers did before, we shall win this unwanted war.”   

I do it no justice; the fans did much better and so did Mr. Buck. This is the type moral courage that I like.

And so it was, “play ball” and teach us all about moral courage—like our fathers did before and their fathers did too and so-on throughout our great country’s history (though not taught anymore).

We can fight it out on a field during any given game and watch on as spectators, like they did the Civil War, where men display courage to do the right thing.

It was President Bush who displayed Moral Courage when he flew to Yankee Stadium only mere weeks after that attack. We all sat in fear for his safety, each of us, together as one.

Ole George stood up, stood tall, he walked right out to the mound after having received advice from another great American, the modern-day Joe DiMaggio, Derek Jeter who said, “Throw from the pitcher’s mound and don’t bounce it,” he smiled, “They’ll boo ya.”  

Good ole “Joltin' Jeter” has a lot of courage himself and knows how to keep people loose when the pressure is on. He proves it time and time again.   

Our President, with the United behind him, walked tall and walked proud out to that mound. He glanced at the guest mound and shook it off without hesitation. He toed the professional rubber and gave the crowd a thumbs-up sign—who responded as loudly as I’ve ever heard any stadium—and he threw a fastball for a strike.

The crowd went wild shouting, "USA, USA, USA!" People's hearts swelled with pride.

The whole world saw it and it defined what moral courage is all about. His approval ratings were the highest of any President in American History,  afterwards some tore him down for their own selfish reason. They sold him out so they could win.

But, the man who put the whole country on his shoulder wasn’t wearing a flak-jacket that day.

                                      Thaaaaaa'aaaaa Yankees WIN!

He had nothing on but a pinstriped baseball uniform. He was a gritty, aging bull-dog from TexasHe is on @RogerClemens

I recall an interview from that time. Clemens recollected the city in the aftermath of the attack.  He would drive to the Stadium  in between stops at the local Fire Departments, while trying to cheer them up and offer some solace.

He could smell that fire burning its sickness every day. And though drained from it all, during Game Three of the 2001 World Series, he approached Babe Ruth's Memorial and rubbed his forehead for luck, a custom Clemens adopted upon becoming a New Yorker.

When he was on the mound he frequently looked to the sky for reassurance and noted the sickening orange-gray glow which replaced a clean, crisp, free air . That polluted air was brought to us by terror and it had surrounded the New York  City sky line for over a month. It enveloped us all.

He looked out at the stadium and saw all eyes fixed on him. Tired, they were looking for hope, for answers, for joy, for understanding, for a miracle, for anything to believe in again.

He must have reached deep-down to achieve what happened next because he got mad and the Rocket's red glare carried him, the team, the city, the country and the free world back to a winning spirit.

He did it by using his moral courage. He did it by feeling their pain and responding to a once free people knocked down to the ground. 

He picked that free people right back up and shouted, "we aint done yet!"

Two Texans—neither to be messed with—stood up for New York, stood for America and stood for the Free World. Their actions speak louder than any words shouted by the most blow-hard of newsmen.  Both have proven their character, and honor, in the wake of 9/11.  


On that night, after the President had left the field, we all worried that someone might take a shot at Roger Clemens who wasn't wearing flak-jacket.

Yet there he stood in the wide open field of play before a maxed-out stadium filled with 55,820 weary fans and an entire planet looking on.

With each passing second, the City came back to life, back to smiling, back to shouting, and jumping and cheering.  It had been over a month since they had an outlet and it was President Bush and Roger Clemens who gave them one. The two had actually delivered a day which I never thought possible so soon, a day for it all to just disappear as fans became kids again and regained that pure innocence only baseball in the fall can deliver.

It didn't matter what team you rooted for on that day, we were all rooting for the Country. This is what Legend is all about.

Roger Clemens threw for seven innings, allowing only three hits and one earned run. He even picked off Craig Counsel, the speedy Diamondback second baseman who thought he might get a false lead on New York and on Clemens. He was wrong and got called out.

Clemens threw for all of us that day. He gutted out 109 pitches and 68 strikes. He walked three and struck out nine; and provided his own bridge to Mo.

The game took place on Oct. 30, a night game when the field conditions were “unknown.” The Yankees won that game for the world and did it with the help of its ever loyal market watching on.

Baseball healed a nation. Baseball lifted the Free World back up again, to its feet, for those who couldn't stand anymore. Once upon a time in New York City, after terrorist got us in the back, we all finally stood united.

I thought I would take the time to remind you of some historical fact—not taught in school for some reason, but taught during the tribulation of life and recorded for those interested in truth.

I’m not sure where George is, but I know he took a bad beating in the press while others were looking for “what’s theirs.” He took a bad beating, so much, that he has yet to defend himself properly.

I do know what has happened to Clemens though. I’ve paid attention over the years.  He has maintained his resolve and is still resilient.

Part 1 & Part 2. Those two articles are as complete as you will find anywhere about the recent Clemens drama. But, his performance in the wake of 9/11 drastically overshadows anything he ever did or didn't do relative baseball.

He used his moral courage to prove himself and he lifted a nation in the wake of the worst peacetime attack in our country's history. He relied on strong roots passed onto him from his days growing up in a good and decent family who had some tough times, but one with a lot of love and faith.

Pictured above is Roger in 2001, had he been using steroids, then his shoulders would have been bigger than Arnold Schwarzenegger's in the 1970's with a neck the size of Atlas.

The affluent will never get common folk at all. They don’t understand the drive, so they just make it up to cover for their ignorance. Roger had an unparalleled work-ethic and he taught it to Andy Pettitte who recently taught to Joba Chamberlain. Work out harder than anyone else and you'll do better than anyone else given your field.

Clemens also passed a urine test in 2003 and we now know who failed, though not in its entirety.  But these are incidental to the bigger picture.  Clemens ain’t hiding from anyone. He never has either. He demanded to go to the Hill.  He demanded to be heard in court.  And no court wants to hear his case.  Consider what Abraham Lincoln said about denying people freedom.

Has he made some simple mistakes in life, not relative baseball?  Yes and so have you. So have I. Whose first to cast the stone?  Did his life become unmanageable? Yes, especially via ESPN and the Daily News’ docudrama. Does he believe in the Creator and does he help others to this very day? Check out his foundation.  

Clemens is on Twitter @RogerClemens. Search him out and go say hello. Pay some respect to him for what he did in 2001. And yes, he will respond to you as he does everyone else.

He carried our country, nay the entire “free” world on his shoulders one magical day in October—where two Texans took the mound—one without a flak-jacket.


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