Oakland Raiders: Is There a Tackle in the House?

FRANK YRAYContributor IMay 19, 2008

February 29, 2008: my new favorite day of the year!

Why, you may ask? It's like getting out of jail, being pardoned from execution, or giving hope that my team may return to greatness!

It's a new national holiday that can be summed up in nine everlasting words: "Barry Sims has been released by the Oakland Raiders."

I don't want to seem like an ingrate, but I'm glad you and your 20-plus sacks a year are gone!

If you haven't been watching the Silver and Black since the Super Bowl loss, then you might think I'm referring to a super DE. Painfully, I'm talking about the harbinger of death, the Grinch that stole Christmas, the giver of four games a year (to the other team):  The one, the only No. 65.

I'm a lifelong Raider fan. I attended my first game when I was 4. I'm nearing 40 now. I have made trips to L.A. when my sunshine was taken away. I bought my season tickets on the day of its return to me! Call me a fanatic, obsessive or just insane, but never ever take my Raiders away! 

I feel the excitement in the boards in May, my father and brother talk Raiders all day and we and many of you feel we are back!

I don't want to rain on any Raider parade and I'm sorry but there's one thing I can't shake. Maybe it's the flashbacks that come from the scars Sims has left on me for the last five years, but I still think we need a tackle in the house!

I'm not okay with throwing my franchise QB to the blindside protection of a benched RT from the worst team in the league (despite their record). They benched him for a guy in Staley that is not the equal of Mario Henderson and although he actually can run block, I wouldn't trust him to block my 2-year-old son!  

So Nation, although we can rejoice in the heavenly knowledge that No. 65 is gone, I'm under the rude awakening of knowing "Kry me a river" Harris might be nothing more then a notch above our dearly departed brother (formerly known as the guy pretending to be a football player, No. 65)!

I know you some of you will post if Cable must have seen something or you trust Cable to turn him around. Before you start typing those thoughts, remember this Cable couldn't fix the guy pretending to be a football player, No. 65! Then some will say well none could fix the guy pretending to be a football player, No. 65. To which I will say that's right. So why are we sure he can fix "Kry me a River" Harris?

I have an even better question while we sit back and (Stu) on this. Why should Cable have to use baling wire and chicken fencing? I hear this one coming too, well, we drafted Gallery or Stichcomb or Collins who never filled the void. I say ok well that's right we did and they did and we have been here since the bed and breakfast guy knew so.

All that proves is we haven't drafted well for tackles since the #78 Big Bad Hall A Famer! (Thank you for the years at Left Tackle, MR. ART SHELL, do you have any eligibility left?) 

If you know you can't draft for tackles at all, why do you try? Why don't you trade for a top notch all pro or better yet spend the free agent dollars to the guys in the trenches that win games, not go up in free agent flames? (no offense, Larry Brown)

Is there a tackle in the house?

Silver and Black Championship dreams to all in the Nation!

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