Oakland Raiders: God Bless America and Long Live Raider Nation

Andres SoteloCorrespondent IMay 16, 2008

Over the past few weeks I have read many Oakland Raider articles written by the Raider Nation, Sports analysts and those who despise the black & silver. To be honest, I am the writer who is part of the Nation of Raiders.... I don't get paid for my opinions and don’t have to worry about my job on the line.

I don't worry about grammar mistakes or punctuation. But I take great pride in my knowledge of football and in particular with the Oakland Raiders.

So if your not a Raider Fan listen to the words of a loyal contributor, embrace my wisdom or laugh at my loyalty, because either way your still reading.

For the Past five seasons the Oakland Raiders have done badly. Actually, let me re-word that. In the last five seasons the Oakland Raiders have been such an embarrassment in the NFL that it has left the PROUD Raider Nation silent, a PROUD OWNER hidden and confused, and a PROUD team accepting losses.

So did anything change last season?

Well, I suppose there was a new vibe in Oakland with the new personality of Head Coach Lane Kiffin. But did it work?

I mean how could a kid for a Head Coach come into one of the most prideful winning organizations and sell a system the team would believe in?

Well.... on paper he didn't. He failed. He failed Al Davis, the Raider Nation and succeeded for all Raider degrades. After all his preaching of 'I’m In' and blah blah blah the Oakland Raiders only won four games.  

What a waste of another year for the Black & Silver, well, you know what that means. Fire him and hire a new coach. Pick 'em out of a hat for all the league cares.

I definitely would fire Coach Kiffin and bring in a new coach, if I was a complete idiot.

If I was negatively biased of the Oakland Raiders....If I couldn’t see that the flame of Kiffin is still burning in the Oakland Raiders. Understand that Lane Kiffin inherited the mess of 4 previous coaches who really cared less about the team.

They were more concerned with calling their players 'stupid' rather then addressing their problems and fixing them. Kiffin has brought hope, he has brought a system that shows promise, but more importantly has brought identity to a team. 

His attitude is contagious & His charisma is undeniable. Everyone can easily feel his energy, even the Raider Nation down here in Fresno California. I promise you.

We have an unproven franchise QB in Jamarcus Russell. We have two unproven Franchise RBs in Darren McFadden & Michael Bush. We have an O-line who finally had ONE solid year but still have to prove if the consistency is there.All three of our WR's Curry, Walker, and Carter are proven but remain injury prone. We have a young unproven TE in Miller who we will expect much of.

On the other side of the ball.... We have an unproven amount of Defensive Lineman who we will expect to make an immediate impact. DL, who the NFL seems to think won't be enough.

We have a Safety in Huff who we've been waiting on to produce for years but still hasn't.  

Do you really believe the Nation of Raiders are so ignorant, that they believe 'potential' alone wins Super bowls? 

We don’t, and we are expecting all of these players to produce and we strongly believe in Kiffin 'n Company to redeem the Oakland Raiders that we remember.....and to that you tremble.

It isn't difficult to see that you feel the presence of the beginning of our return, and to that I say....the Raider Nation will always embrace more fans!

God bless and long live America and the Nation of Raiders