'Sesame Street' Shades Patriots, Airs Episode Where 'Inflate' Is Word of the Day

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJanuary 23, 2015

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Either PBS is doing its part to foster future generations of hot-takers, or an eerie bit of crossover serendipity occurred this morning.

One thing we do know is the network reran an old episode of Sesame Street on Friday morning in which the "Word on the Street" was "inflate."

Twitter users with youngsters—or awesome adults with immaculate morning routines—began tweeting their disbelief over the word of the day and its timely correlation to the New England Patriots' Deflategate scandal.

Here's the segment of the episode, which appears to have originally aired in April 2013.

By all appearances, PBS is looking to educate the youth on how to properly maintain their sporting equipment. Even Don Cheadle got in on the action.

Don't be jealous of all this inflation Cheadle and Elmo have going on, New England.


This is high shade or a complete coincidence—or not a coincidence at all.


Strap in, guys. You know you've nuked the fridge when the golden standard in children's programming wades into a sports controversy with guns blazing.


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