Sample Draft Using The Revolutionary RB Draft Theory

Jeff SockContributor IIAugust 9, 2009

OAKLAND, CA - DECEMBER 14:  Randy Moss #81 of the New England Patriots catches a touchdown in the first quarter past Rashard Baker #27 of the Oakland Raiders during an NFL game on December 14, 2008 at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

I randomly drew the sixth overall pick in my 10 team redraft money league this year.  I thought I would do a mock draft from that position trying to use the concepts from my revolutionary RB draft theory that I developed.  The following drafted team was the results along with explanation of why the pick was made that particular round.


Round One – Randy Moss


The theory should allow you to concentrate on other positions besides RB the first two rounds of your draft.  I choose to take the best WR on the board in Randy.  He will be a TD machine again now that Brady is back under center.  My apologies to Larry Fitzgerald, I could have selected him here. I fear a letdown/injury coming to the Cardinals this season.  It almost always happens to the losing Super Bowl team.


Round Two – Steve Smith


There was a host of WR to pick from here.  I choose Smith because a Carolina WR has finished in the top 10 every year in fantasy points scored with Jake Delhomme at QB.  I see no reason to go against past history here and select someone else with more risk for the return.


Round Three – Knowshon Moreno


By round three you need to start drafting the RB under this theory.  My opinion is draft Moreno first because I have seen many drafts where he does not make it to you for your round four pick.


Round Four – Derrick Ward


I really think this guy will be a stud in what will be a run first offense this season.  He typically can be had in round four or five but I like to take them ASAP that fit my theory if I am able to.


Round Five – Chris Wells


He is one of the top two rookies RB this year and now I was able to get them both on my team.  Plus he has an advantage of playing Detroit and St Louis come fantasy playoff time.


Round Six – Vincent Jackson


This round I try to look for best available anywhere.  The top QB are gone as is typical by now.  The TE really went early in this draft.  Even Chris Cooley and Owen Daniels are gone already.  It’s too early for defense and kicker.  So that leaves me at WR.  The top two on the board were Jackson and Anthony Gonzalez.  I like either player, I opted for Jackson as he is the number one WR option in San Diego and Gonzalez is number two behind Wayne in Indy.


Round Seven – Carson Palmer


This is the round I usually snatch up Donald Brown.  This was a different draft however.  Three other teams have not drafted a QB up to this point and they all would get two picks after this selection before I make my eighth round pick.  I decided to start the run rather than be at the tail end of the run.  I feel Carson Palmer is primed to have a great comeback season.  Ochocinco has come ready to play.  He has a hungry Chris Henry and a consistent Coles to throw to as targets.  Also with all the injuries at TE, Chase Coffman the receiving rookie might get thrown into the mix and provide another target for Palmer (something he never had before).  I see a return to his glory year numbers this season which makes him a good value pick here.


Round Eight – Donald Brown


Fortunately for me, Donald Brown still made it to me for the eighth round pick.  He normally should be taken round seven to make sure you have a good shot at landing him on your team.  He is probably the third best rookie RB.


Round Nine – LeSean McCoy


I am sure I rained on the Westbrook owner’s parade with this selection at this point in the draft.  Should Westbrook succumb to injury this season, this electrifying rookie is ready to take over at a moments notice.  He is the heir apparent to the Philly RB throne and will be the starter as soon as he is given the opportunity.


Round 10 – Fred Taylor


I usually like to take Matt Hasselbeck here to provide some quality backup to Palmer, but he was already off the board at this point.  I decided to finish out the RB that fit my draft theory by selecting Fred Taylor.  I now have the top four rookies RB and the only two significant RB to switch teams this season.  Based on my theory proven by past football history, this team should produce two top 10 fantasy RB.


Round 11 – Stephen Gostkowski


I looked at defense first here.  All of the top ones were gone.  Teams like the Jets, Vikings and Chargers still remained so I passed on the defenses for one more round.  Usually I do not draft a kicker this early but to me Gostkowski is the best, and why not draft someone that is the best at their position in round 11.  That represents good value in my opinion.


Round 12 – San Diego Chargers D/ST


I like the Chargers as a defense this year, the return of Merriman and the addition of Larry English as pass rushers probably add another 30 sacks to this team. The increase in pass rush should result in more hurried throws from the QB causing more interceptions to happen.  Plus Antonio Cromartie should be healthier this season. 


Round 13 – Brent Celek


I got my starting TE this late.  Yes he is a sleeper, but he played really well down the stretch last year for the Eagles.  LJ Smith is gone and Cornelius Ingram reinjured his knee, so he should be the undisputed starter in an offense that McNabb likes to throw to the TE especially in the red zone.


Round 14 – Trent Edwards


Edwards was the best QB value available on the board.  He has to do something with TO, Evans and Lynch as targets.


Round 15 – Josh Morgan


He was been the best WR in camp so far for the Forty-Niners and looks to be making a strong case to be the number one WR option coming out of camp.  He has good sleeper potential here.


Round 16 – Earl Bennett


He is another strong sleeper WR candidate.  I look for Cutler to find him often as they are familiar with each other from back in Cutler’s college days at Vandy.



In summary as I look over this draft, I have the best WR and another top 10 WR starting for me.  I should have two top 10 RB according to the theory.  Carson Palmer is a top seven QB in my opinion.  Gostkowski is the top kicker and San Diego is a top defense.  The only place this team is below average is at TE and there really are not many TE that can produce for you.  Once the top five or six are gone it really is a crap shoot.  Overall I think this team could challenge for a fantasy championship.