NFL Draft Starts on Thursday: It's Not the End of the World

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NFL Draft Starts on Thursday: It's Not the End of the World
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I do my fair share of blogging for a certain team on a certain website that I won't mention to avoid the "those fans would complain about that," type comments, but I would assume from the reaction on that site that the general consensus is that most fans aren't happy with the change.

For those who haven't heard yet, the first round of the draft is now being moved to a Thursday night prime-time spot starting at 7:30 PM EST.The second and third rounds will be held on Friday starting at 6:30 PM EST, and the final four rounds will be on Saturday afternoon.

Some fans have complained that they'll be too tired to go to work on Friday, or that it will interfere with their viewing of Fox's TV show "House."'re going to forgo watching the NFL Draft, one of the most sacred events in a football fan's year only behind the Super Bowl, because you're going to be cranky the next morning?

Do you skip Monday Night Football games? What about the Thursday night opener?

I would think that people would like this move! Instead of spending one or two afternoons  with your buddies drinking beer and eating too much, now you get to do it three straight days!

"But if every team takes the full 15 minutes to choose we could be up until 3 AM!"

Nope. Wrong. Not only can I not remember an eight hour first round (last years took 3.5 hours by the way), but in preparation for this the NFL is going to cut down the time allotted to each team to make sure you geriatrics can get to bed before midnight. Probably to about 10 minutes.

Look, I understand why some people don't like this move. It represents an obvious greed from the NFL and it's owners who are looking to make a larger profit.

Let's face it, the NFL Draft has become an absolute cash cow with over 39 million viewers this past offseason. But to say you're not going to watch is pure poppycock, hogwash, and a fairly large crock of something that will be censored if I mention it.

Nobody has the right to be upset by this!

The fans created this monster and they'll have to deal with the consequences, good or bad.

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