New York Giants' 2009 Offense: Expect a Three Wide Receiver Tandem

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IJuly 24, 2009

After a few millions of articles written about the Giants’ wide receiver corps, including a handful elaborated by yours truly, this article presents a new perspective to the matter.


I have always defended that the Giants should use more short passes, even inquiring if we really needed a big time wide receiver. Adding to the point, I have been a keen supporter of the Giants’ current wide receiver corps.


Furthermore, there is the fact that I have defended all year long (and before that, as a matter of fact) that Eli Manning is going to step up brilliantly for the Giants.


Where is the new perspective?”, one might ask, but to reach it, I actually needed to bring all of this to the table.


Entering a milestone year, this offense is up against a great amount of pressure. Most previews highlight the fact that the level of play of these receivers will determine the outcome of the season.


As a preacher of the short, high percentage passes, spread field, and three or four wide receivers sets, while worrying about whether Kevin Gillbride would implement this type of passing scheme, I have actually overlooked the big picture.


So, what exactly is the "big picture"? Well, the big picture is exactly that. The Giants will grant my wishes (not that my opinion was consulted, but who cares?).


While drafting Hakeem Nicks, who fit the Giants like a glove, Jerry Reese and Tom Coughlin placed this offense in a position of doing exactly what I have been brainstorming about all year.


With the addition of NFL ready talent and big play ability in Nicks, as well as a great red zone target in Ramses Barden, the number of play possibilities reach the sky.


Not to forget Sinorice Moss and "Super" Mario Manningham, who will both be given legitimate shots to show their real value in this league, and the probable day one starters, Domenik Hixon and Steve Smith, who are poised to have breakout years of their own.


By now, you are probably still thinking, "Yeah, I know that, but where is the new perspective?", so here it comes.


With so many targets, most of which still unproven, the odds are that all receivers will be given significant playing time, at least until it's clear who should be on the field every downs, who will emerge as a legitimate threat for Manning to use.


That being said, albeit not knowing who will step up, Coughlin has set the tone for a three wide receiver tandem.


Steve Smith has surfaced as Manning’s favorite target, thus, he will probably see even more balls thrown his way, and, with his amazing hands and crisp route-running ability, he will probably produce very well, moving the chains for Big Blue.


Domenik Hixon is back, his fifth NFL season, and now he had an entire offseason to prepare for stepping into the No. 1 WR spot. With blazing speed and excellent vision, I see Hixon hanging onto his job, and being very effective, while at it.


Now, with the above mentioned two receivers as the projected starters, what comes to mind next, is: “What about Hakeem Nicks?”. This is why Coughlin and Gilbride will use more three and four wide sets this year.


The physicality Nicks brings to the table is unique on this team. His routes are perfectly run, and his hands are in the “cream-of-the-crop” category. The skill set Nicks brings to the table is powerful, which makes it pretty hard to keep him off the field.


Moreover, there is the fact that, if the Giants’ brass did not believe in Nicks' ability to make  an immediate impact, they would have never drafted him in the first round.


Why? Simple, with the need to replace one of the best athletes in the league, the Giants chose this path for a reason.


Reese could have gone with a trade, snatching Anquan Boldin or Braylon Edwards, or even trade up in the draft, (remember that we had 10 picks this year), but still, they went with Nicks.


I’m not one for making bold predictions, but here comes one: Smith, Hixon, and Nicks will combine for more than 2,500 receiving yards in 2009.


Disagree? Than go ahead and tell me why.



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