Man with Tom Brady's Helmet Tattooed onto Head Arrested in Florida

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterOctober 10, 2014 / Pinellas County Sheriffs Dept

Back in 2008, Weekend America’s Shannon Mullen profiled a man named Victor Thompson, who made the judicious decision to begin inking a very expensive homage to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots onto his head.

Fast-forward six years, and Thompson’s tattoo appears to be completed. He also appears to be in jail.

According to, police in St. Petersburg, Florida picked up Thompson in September for possession of narcotics. The 46-year-old former New Hampshire resident told officers he had recently relocated to Florida. He was arrested after being found trespassing near a community center with three grams of Spice—a synthetic marijuana considered illegal in the state of Florida.

Authorities took mug shot photos of Thompson for identification purposes, and as you’ll see, the Patriots super fan appears to still be experiencing the afterglow of Brady’s resurgence against the Cincinnati Bengals / Pinellas County Sheriffs Dept

As for the tattoos, Thompson’s head features the NFL logo, the Patriots logo, a Lombardi Trophy and inked signatures of Brady, Randy Moss, Rob Gronkowski and Wes Welker. He even has a green dot tattoo, indicating a helmet capable of communicating wirelessly with coaches on the sideline.

The crowning piece, of course, is the “Riddell” logo across Thompson’s forehead. That’s dedication to authenticity.

This isn’t Thompson’s first brush with the law. In his 2008 profile, the Patriots superfan admits he decided to get a helmet tattoo while serving a three-month sentence for assault.

“You know I was in there sittin’ there incarcerated,” Thompson told Mullen. “The third game of the season I was watching, and everybody has hats and t-shirts, that sorta thing, and I says, ‘You know what I want, I want Brady’s helmet tattooed on my head.’”

Thompson is currently in Pinellas County jail on $1,500 bond.


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