Seattle Fan Receives Seahawks-Themed Prosthetic Eye as Anniversary Present

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistAugust 27, 2014


Seattle Seahawks fans are among the best in all of the National Football League, but one fan may stand out from the rest of the 12th Man.

KIRO TV's Michael Fox shared the awesome story of die-hard Seahawks fan Bill VandenBush.

Back in 1969, VandenBush was caught in the middle of gunfire while trying to help the crew of a downed helicopter in Vietnam. He revealed that he had been "blown up and shot five times" and lost his right eye and had his vocal cords damaged in the blast.

Now, he must get a new prosthetic eye every six years.

When the time came for him to get a new one this year, VandenBush decided his next artificial eye would be special. Given that Seattle won the Super Bowl this past season, he told his wife about a Seahawks-themed prosthetic eye that he was interested in.

“I had mentioned it to my wife," VandenBush said. "She wasn’t a big Seahawks fan. I said it’d be cool to have a Seahawks logo right there in my eye.”

On July 23, the couple celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. That's when VandenBush's wife surprised him with a totally unconventional present: a prosthetic eye with a Seahawks logo in place of the pupil.

VandenBush, who also has a normal prosthetic eye, said he will make sure that he wears the Seahawks-themed eye any chance he gets to support his team.

“Every game I’ll have it in," VandenBush said. "Or any gathering with Seahawks fans present.”

If he wears the customized prosthetic eye, people won't even have to ask him who his favorite team is.

An unfortunate incident more than four decades ago changed his life forever, but now he has a unique way of showing his fandom.