New York Jets Players Turn to Tinder to Try to Find Ms. Right

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistAugust 14, 2014

This is a 2014 photo of Breno Giacomini of the New York Jets NFL football team. This image reflects the New York Jets active roster as of Monday, June 16, 2014 when this image was taken. (AP Photo)
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Being an NFL player has its benefits, but all of that fame and money can make it hard to find true love. That's why a handful of New York Jets players have turned to Tinder to try to find Ms. Right.

For those of you who don't know, Tinder is a dating app that allows people to find other users within a certain radius. You can see pictures of people on the app and say if you are interested in someone. It's an easy way to meet people, so some athletes may use it to find dates.

According to The Wall Street Journal's Stu Woo and Anna Russell, as of late July, as many as 11 Jets players had Tinder accounts.

Why would they create Tinder accounts?

"When I do find somebody, I want it to be real," said Jets right tackle Breno Giacomini.

The Wall Street Journal

It can be tough to find something "real" when players make a lot of money. That's why Giacomini tries to hide who he is on the app. There are no pictures of him in his football jersey, and he initially says that he is a construction worker. Although he is not a full-time construction worker, the 28-year-old insists that he's not misleading anyone with the description.

"I did do construction, growing up with my father, and I still do the side jobs there when I go back home," Giacomini said.

Jets tight end Chris Pantale also uses Tinder, and like Giacomini, he does not reveal that he is an NFL player in hopes that women get to know his personality before they find out what he does for a living.

Of the 11 Jets who have a Tinder account, only six of the players use photos of themselves in team gear.

Finding Ms. Right isn't easy for professional athletes. NFL players have to wonder if the women want to go out with them for who they are or for their money. With that in mind, athletes who use dating apps like Tinder may start a relationship with a little lie.

Tinder isn't for everyone, but some Jets players believe that it gives them a chance to find true love.