Marvin Harrison's Reputation, Plus Deadspin Is Run By Cowards

Colin LinneweberSenior Writer IMay 3, 2008

Seemingly wholesome Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Marvin Harrison is under investigation for a shooting that occurred outside a bar on Tuesday in his hometown of Philadelphia.

Lt. Frank Vanore said Friday that Harrison, 35, has not been arrested nor have charges been filed against the former Syracuse star.

“He (Harrison) was interviewed,” said Vanore. “Why he was interviewed, that is all a part of the investigation. No one is a suspect.”

Granted, perception is not always reality, and it is impossible for anyone who doesn’t genuinely know Harrison to testify about his character.

But, from afar, Marvin-freaking-Harrison is being investigated for shooting a man! I thought Ned Flanders would rape a nun before the legendary Colt was being fried by Philly’s finest for firing a firearm.

As the adage goes, “Don’t sit too close to the ballerina. You will lose the illusion.”


The founding editor of the enormously popular Gawker Media sports blog Deadspin, Will Leitch, was verbally slaughtered by Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and author Buzz Bissinger this week on Bob Costas’ HBO series “Costas Now.”

The menacing and over-the-top Bissinger intimidated Leitch to the point that the blogger looked like he wanted to crawl into the fetal position to get away from the man who penned “Friday Night Lights.”

“I really think you’re full of shit,” Bissinger sermonized Leitch. “I think that blogs are dedicated to cruelty, dedicated to dishonesty… It is the complete dumbing down of our society.”

Leitch looked pathetic during the segment and his lack of moxie makes me think that a yellow streak runs down his scrawny back.

It was truly disheartening to watch the Godfather of Sports bloggers go down like an intern in the Oval Office to an aging windbag like Bissinger.

In my eyes, Leitch is dead and there is no other way to spin it.


I will leave you all with a joke that my friend and co-worker told me earlier in the week.

Q: What does Boston Red Sox pitcher Roger Clemens and a blackjack dealer have in common?

A: They both hit on 15.