Rob Gronkowski Dances on 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?', Stiff-Arms Wayne Brady

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJune 3, 2014

YouTube Screenshot

Just when you think you’ve seen him at his Gronk-est, Rob Gronkowski goes on network television and resets the bar.

The New England Patriots tight end made a guest appearance on ABC’s Whose Line Is It Anyway? on Monday night and effectively blew the doors off the program.

Gronkowski began his routine by fist-pumping to improvised jock rock with Wayne Brady and Jonathan Mangum. The entire bit was predicated on the Patriots tight end telling the comedians something about himself no one else knows.

What was Gronk’s deepest, most guarded secret?

“I like to dance,” said Gronkowski, whom we only know for playing football and dancing.

And dance Gronk did. The tight end dove into a vigorous, interpretive jam session that involved bench-pressing Mangum and stiff-arming the hot hell out of Brady. 

Seriously, Brady almost flew across state lines.

Gronk also told some jokes, all of which involved “breasts.” Here are Vines of Gronk’s zingers, as highlighted by A. Isaac of Guyism

We may have reached peak Gronk, everyone.

I don’t see how it gets much Gronk-ier than stadium rock, stiff arms and jokes about the female anatomy. You’d need a whoopee cushion and a blue-footed booby to make this situation any more patently Gronkowski. 

Patriots fans and the NFL community at large will have their hot takes on Gronk’s performance, but my takeaway is this: That knee is looking good. 

The tight end jogged in place and flashed some surprisingly nimble moves for a man whose right knee was smashed into Funfetti a scant six months ago. 

Hopefully we’ll see a full return to form for the Patriots tight end in 2014. Football—and perhaps the world—is better with a healthy and dancing Gronkowski.


Tight end with a loose caboose.