Raiders Release Dominic Rhodes; Lamont Jordan Sure To Follow

Diego GonzalesContributor IApril 29, 2008

So it begins.

The Raiders cut NFL veteran Dominic Rhodes on Monday in what seems to be the first step in making room in the backfield for rookie Darren McFadden. Lashing out through the media on Tuesday, Rhodes had some questions as to the logic behind the draft and his sudden dismissal. Ladies and gentlemen, you don't have be a rocket scientist to figure it out.

Signed as a free agent before the 2007 season, Rhodes was suppose to come in and challenge for a starting spot but didn't get the chance to due to amazing running of 4th year back Justin Fargas. He mostly likely would have gotten that opportunity had he not been suspended for the first 4 games of the season for a substance abuse violation. He did get 2 starts at the end of the year and took advantage by rushing for 115 and 122 yards.

However, after selecting McFadden with the number four overall pick in last weekends draft, Oakland Raider brass were forced to make a decision as to which back would be let go first. Lets make no mistake as to who should go next.

Signed a free agent during the 2004-2005 off season Lamont Jordan was heralded as the savior to the running back talent that was lost with the departure of Charlie Garner. His first year was great as Lamont rushed for 1025 yards and added 563 more receiving, but then his production faltered significantly gaining only 508 total yards his second. After starting last season with the most rushing yards in the NFL through the first four games, Jordan looked like a lock to have a breakout season. He broke tackles, cut hard, ran fast and looked sharp and determined.

Like most Raider fans I can remember thinking, "Jesus, is this the SAME Lamont that would run into walls of linemen and fall down?". I had him on my fantasy football team and along with Adrian Peterson and Tony Romo, I started the season 4-0.

Then came that back injury against the Dolphins week 4. He caught a pass, fell and nothing looked out of order, until he was carted off the field. Finally recovering from his back injury did no good as he was unable to mount a successful comeback, and was never able to recreate the magic legs he had to start the year.

All in all hes been inconsistent, but Al Davis should share some of that blame. Three different offensive line coaches in three years will do that to any NFL running back. 

Due to make 4.7 million dollars, Jordan is all but gone as there is no point in paying someone 5 million dollars to sit on the bench. His pride will not allow him to take a pay cut and accept a backup roll, and I agree. Someone is going to need a running back this year. Maybe his old team the New York Jets will call, as they were robbed in drafting Darren McFadden.

The man who needs room, and is going to get it.