MLB Commercial with Bryce Harper and Babe Ruth Is Old-Timey Goodness

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MLB goes old school with its latest MLB Fan Cave commercial, featuring Bryce Harper, who pals around with Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Carlton Fisk and Nolan Ryan. 

That vintage filter, though. 

For the Win's Ted Berg spotted this most recent "For the Love of Baseball" spot, which should have baseball fans feeling nostalgic and hopeful at the same time. 

Some might recall another commercial, featuring Mike Trout doing just about everything that "Simon says," including a baseball feat that Simon doesn't ask for: Harper is a hungry, passionate player who plays on the edge of reckless abandon. He's the kind of player that reminds fans of a simpler age, as if Hall of Fame superstars were all prone to running into walls and going for an extra bag. 

Still, the sentiment is nice, especially because it gives us this rather wonderful commercial. 

We have been saying for years that MLB does a horrible job marketing its players, something that thankfully seems to be at an end. Clever little ads like this are a drop in a huge sports bucket, but they matter. 

This is actually the second recent commercial Harper has been featured in. He blasts a home run in this Gatorade commercial

Because MLB is putting its flashy stars front and center, we will forgive it for its bombastic claim in the posted video: "Bryce Harper is only 21 years old, but he already looks like a legend."

There are two things that jump out at you in that sentence: Harper being only 21 is still dumbfounding considering how he has performed over the last two seasons. 

Second, the term legend sits there like some misplaced brushstroke on a painting. We are forced to sit and consider whether you can toss that word around so casually. 

Of course, Harper isn't a legend—not yet. However, MLB has our attention, and that's really the purpose of any ad. Now, let's see something on Yasiel Puig, MLB. 


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