Adult Tries to Steal Ball from Little Girl, Derek Jeter Makes Sure She Doesn't

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistApril 4, 2014

When Derek Jeter sets his mind to something, he will make sure he gets the job done.

Jeter faced a tough task during Thursday night's Yankees-Astros game in Houston. One Astros fan really wanted the baseball, but the Yankees shortstop made sure he was able to get the ball to a young girl wearing a Jeter shirt he had spotted as he walked over to the stands:

Plenty of fans wanted the Yankees captain to give them a baseball at the end of an inning, but he knew exactly who he would give a baseball to. However, he had a tough time getting the ball to the young girl.

What a great move by Jeter.

[, h/t Instagram and Big League Stew]