Redskins, Chiefs and Cowboys Draft day winners!

Paul SalmanSenior Analyst IApril 27, 2008

In round 2, the Redskins were able to get what some said was the top wide receiver in Devin Thomas from Michigan State. This guy may have only had 1 good year in the NFL, but with his size (at 6'2 and 215lbs), and athletic ability, many had him going 11 to the Bills, so you can say getting him in the second round was a steal.
Next, the Redskins took what most had as the top Tight End in Fred Davis out of USC. Adding him to Chris Cooley gives the Redskins a great tight end tandem and more weapons for their young Quarterback, Jason Campbell.

Finally, with their 3rd pick in the 2nd round, the Redskins added a another weapon too their offense in Malcolm Kelly, wide receiver out of Oklahoma. Many had him as a top 3 WR, with a few character issues. Malcolm is 6'4, 218lbs and can easily step in with Devin Thomas and make an impact in year one.

The Redskins then moved on to some other pressing needs such as offensive line, and defensive backfield.

However in the 6th round they made another splash with their selection of Colt Brennan. His Sugar Bowl performance was a major setback, however if given the chance to compete in camp, with all these new weapons, this may fit Brennan's style. I don't seem being a starter anytime soon, unless there is an injury to Campbell, however I do see him challenging Campbell in the off season, which is a good thing for the Redskins.
The second team I see as a big winner is the Kansas City Chiefs. They made a splash early, and were the consensus winners of the first round.

Their top pick at #5 was defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey. We all know about him during his time at LSU and winning a national championship. He is big, he is strong, he will demand a double team in the middle, and will be a great anchor for the Chiefs rebuilding defense. Some had him as the top player in the draft.

The Chiefs then made a trade with the Lions, and at 15 they took Offensive Guard Branden Albert from Virgina. Albert can play guard or tackle and with his size (6'6, 309lbs) and athletic ability, some say he can end up being the top offensive lineman in the draft. Yes, even better then Jake Long.

With the fourth pick in the 2nd round, the Chiefs took a top tier corner in Brandon Flowers from Virgina Tech. He was projected to be a first round pick, but slipped due to his speed. I think Brandon can afford to bulk up a little bit, being that he is 189lbs, but his physical style will cause problems for opposing wide receivers.

Moving on, the Chiefs began to fill their pressing needs and took speedy RB from Texas, Jamaal Charles who could be a great change of pace from Larry Johnson and cause problems for opposing defenses.

Next, they got Brad Cottam, tight end from Tennessee who is 6'8, 270lbs and can be the future tight end they need being that Tony Gonzalez is nearing the end of his career.

With another 8 picks in the draft, the Chiefs added many bodies to their team and on their way to a successful stage 1 of the rebuilding process. Of course a lot of this hinges on Brody Croyle's quarterback play, but the pieces are their to help him succeed.

The third team, my honorable mention, would be the Dallas Cowboys. Their success was mostly in their first two picks, in addition to the possibility of the Pacman Jones trade. Of course, I don't know how the addition of Pacman will affect the locker room, as my previous article states, but if he can stay out of trouble, you cannot deny his talent.

With their first pick, Dallas took Felix Jones, RB from Arkansas. He was the back up to Darren McFadden and was the smaller change of pace RB at Arkansas, and will be the perfect compliment to Marion Barber in the same way.

Of course, we cannot escape the Arkansas connection to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who is himself a Alum of the school. He obviously really wanted at least one of the two Razorbacks running backs.

In addition, Felix Jones can be a return man, and assuming Pacman Jones in reinstated, the Cowboys have really bolstered their special teams big play potential.

Next, the Cowboys improved the defensive backfield even more with their selection of Mike Jenkins, CB from South Florida. Again, assuming Pacman Jones does get reinstated, the Cowboys will have two quality cornerbacks. Jenkins was projected as a top five corner, and has great coverage skills.

The only reason the Cowboys get honorable mention is because following these 2 picks, the Cowboys had 4 more, and did not address their need for a number two wide receiver. I guess they either trust Patrick Crayton as their second threat, or maybe 34 year old Terry Glenn is good enough for them. I however don't think either one is a solid second threat wide receiver.

However with the Cowboys first two picks, to go along with the possibility of Pacman Jones coming back, the Cowboys had an OK draft day, but a really solid draft week.

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