Brent Urban NFL Draft 2014: Highlights, Scouting Report for Baltimore Ravens DE

Darren PageFeatured ColumnistMarch 27, 2014

South Squad defensive end Brent Urban of Virginia (99) battles offensive guard Wesley Johnson of Vanderbilt (66) during Senior Bowl practice at Fairhope Municipal Stadium, Monday, Jan. 20, 2014 in Fairhope, Ala.  (AP Photo/G.M. Andrews)
G.M. ANDREWS/Associated Press

Brent Urban, DE, Virginia (HT: 6’6¾”; WT: 295 lbs)

Baltimore Ravens

Fourth Round: 134th Pick

Combine Weigh-In
606629534 1/4"9 3/4"
Combine Workout
40-yd dash10-yd splitVertBroad3-ConeBench



  • Obvious physical and athletic upside. 
  • Was an overwhelming physical player at the college level with athleticism and size that translates to the NFL game. 
  • Has the build of an NFL player already, looks the part in every way. 
  • Plays with sufficient leverage despite being a very tall defensive lineman. 
  • Flashes functional strength to compress the pocket as an interior rusher. 
  • Uses height and length to deflect passes very often, does it instinctively. 
  • Absolute destroyer of plays when he gets a step. 
  • Splits gaps with tremendous acceleration and upper-body strength. 
  • Difficult to handle with cutoff of scoop blocks, blows up plays following pulls. 
  • Immense power in his hands to reset the line of scrimmage by blowing back blockers on first contact. 
  • Can hold his ground to anchor a double-team and keep both blockers engaged. 
  • Creates lots of congestion at the line of scrimmage and redirects ball-carriers behind the line of scrimmage often.



  • Too much of an all-or-nothing player on a play-by-play basis and disappeared for stretches as a result. 
  • Does more guessing than diagnosing of plays. 
  • Needs to more consistently generate momentum forward off the snap, tends to raise pads up on first movement. 
  • Raw in terms of technique, especially in hand usage. 
  • Has no lateral movement ability, rarely makes plays moving down the line of scrimmage. 
  • Doesn’t generate power as an interior rusher to press the pocket often enough. 
  • Lacks any kind of pass-rush repertoire in terms of finesse moves. 
  • Little flexibility to bend around blocks as a rusher and maximize speed. 
  • Comes off the ball slow and tries to feel his way around blocks every once in a while. 
  • Doesn’t utilize length to control run blocks and shed quickly. 
  • Struggles to recover when blocker gets helmet into the hole and can wall him off. 
  • Often gets into the backfield and has a chance to make a big play but cannot finish. 
  • Has some durability concerns.
Collegiate Statistics


Personal Notes

  • A 2-star prospect in recruiting class of 2009, unranked by Rivals
  • From Mississauga, Ontario. 
  • Drafted by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in the 2013 CFL draft
  • 2013 honorable mention All-ACC. 
  • Missed four games as a senior with a high ankle sprain. 
  • Dropped out of the Senior Bowl and didn’t participate during the combine due to lingering effects of the ankle injury.


Ratings Chart

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In a handful of plays as a senior, Brent Urban truly looked like the second coming of J.J. Watt.  The rest leaves a lot more to be desired.  NFL teams will look to get those flashes out of him more often and minimize his weaknesses.

Urban is more of a project than an immediate starter, but his physical upside makes him a worthwhile undertaking.  His ability to create congestion at the line of scrimmage despite technical deficiencies is a testament to his tremendous natural strength.  When he gets himself moving in the right direction, offensive linemen are in trouble.  It’s all about development at this point.

The 3-4 defenses should give Urban the longest look, whether they want him to control one or two gaps.  Urban’s build, length and power are building blocks for a starting defensive end.


Draft Projection: Fourth round


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