Fantasy Baseball 2014: Jason Catania's 'Do Not Draft' List to Avoid Busts

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Fantasy Baseball 2014: Jason Catania's 'Do Not Draft' List to Avoid Busts
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Because his name value keeps propping up his draft status despite his injuries dragging down his production, Matt Kemp is an impossible player to pick.

Everyone, they say, has a price. That's especially applicable in fantasy baseball, where players are picked in drafts and paid for in auctions at certain prices—costs that are determined by round of selection and dollars to acquire—based on a delicate balance of perception and production.

On one hand, there are players who will produce more than they are perceived to by most owners, while players on the other side of the spectrum will tip the scale more toward perception than production. The former is good. The latter? Not so much.

The key, then, is figuring out if the juice is worth the squeeze, as Timothy Olyphant's character so eloquently—and uniquely—put it in the 2004 underrated gem of a relationship comedy, The Girl Next Door.

That in mind, understand that this batch of players on my "Do Not Draft" list isn't a rundown of those you should not draft under any circumstances because they aren't good. Heck, pretty much all of them are good. Rather, they're here because you should not select them based on their public perception outweighing their likely production.

Of course, if any of these players should fall in your draft to the point where the price goes from wrong to right, by all means, grab 'em. Chances are, though, that won't happen.

To focus on the bigger names, potential "Do Not Draft" candidates are limited only to those whose average draft positions (ADP) are 100 or higher according to Fantasy Pros, a site that aggregates and averages the ADPs from various fantasy baseball providers, including CBS, ESPN and Yahoo.

Here are 15 players who, in the end, may be more squeeze and less juice.


Statistics come from Baseball Reference and FanGraphs.

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