Morgan Breslin NFL Draft 2014: Highlights, Scouting Report and More

Darren PageFeatured ColumnistFebruary 19, 2014

Southern California linebacker Morgan Breslin warms up the first half of an NCAA college football game against Washington State in Los Angeles, Saturday, Sept. 7, 2013. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)
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Morgan Breslin, OLB, USC (6’2”, 250 pounds)



NFL Comparison: Dan Skuta, OLB, San Francisco 49ers


  • Noticeable initial quickness off the line of scrimmage from two- and three-point stances. 
  • Able to leverage well on first contact, comes with lack of height. 
  • Has a compact frame that is a small target for the hands of blockers. 
  • Adequately flexible to dip around the corner and stay balanced. 
  • Does a skillful job batting away the hands of tackles, precise with his own hands. 
  • Flashes a compact and quick spin move on occasion. 
  • Can reset the line of scrimmage and set a hard edge to contain. 
  • Plays with head up and picks up the ball very well for a shorter defender. 
  • Does an adequate job sniffing out misdirection by diagnosing plays quickly. 
  • Opportunistic player who will take advantage of opponents’ lapses. 
  • Plays with a high motor and unrelenting style. 
  • Has experience at end in an even front and outside linebacker in an odd front. 
  • Highly productive in short time on the field at USC.



  • Limited athlete all-around. 
  • Very little utilization of power in any aspect of his game. 
  • Doesn’t meet the optimal physical measurements for a pass-rusher. 
  • Severe limitations in length that show up on the field, ineffective against tackles with long arms. 
  • A one-speed athlete as a whole. 
  • Needs to beat blocks on first contact to be effective, can’t recover when blockers get the upper hand. 
  • Doesn’t work a great variety of pass-rush moves, uninventive. 
  • Obvious lack of a second gear to accelerate as a speed rusher. 
  • Doesn’t convert speed to power or attack the frame of pass blockers at all. 
  • Lacks instincts to read blockers and attack weaknesses. 
  • Heavy feet and rigid body type that don’t translate to pass coverage at all. 
  • Lost in run defense playing head up or outside shade on offensive tackles in 2012. 
  • Was targeted as a run defender in the past, struggles to stack drive blocks at the point of attack. 
  • Easily locked up by run blockers, struggles to shed. 
  • Makes very few plays in pursuit, doesn’t pursue in the open field with speed to close. 
  • Laundry list of injuries in his past.
Collegiate Statistics


Personal Notes

  • A 4-star junior college prospect as a recruit in class of 2012, according to Rivals
  • Missed time with hip and ankle injuries early in senior season
  • Also had hernia surgery in November. 
  • Broke his foot playing rugby in high school.


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Morgan Breslin wreaked all kinds of havoc against Pac-12 tackles in his short stay. His statistical production is evidence. He has the mentality, drive and opportunistic style that can make pass-rushers highly effective at the college level. Unfortunately, he lacks some of the most necessary traits to bring the same effectiveness to Sunday football.

Breslin’s lack of height, weight, speed and length are all highly concerning. The odds that he is physically overwhelmed by the athletic talent in the NFL early on are very high. As a rusher without much technical refinement or the length to utilize his hands, that spells trouble. His skills don’t particularly scream any specific role in an NFL defense either. Breslin can always hang his hat on a fantastic spell with the Trojans, but it’s tough to see where he makes it in the big leagues.


Draft Projection: 7th round-UDFA