Fan in Bikini Crashes Pro Bowl TD Celebration by Running on Field

Ken ChinSocial Media StaffJanuary 26, 2014

NBC Broadcast

The Pro Bowl got a lot more exciting when a fan in a bikini and cape charged the field.

Following Jordan Cameron's go-ahead touchdown for Team Sanders, the fan made a move by hopping the fence and starting the celebration.


*Update: Tuesday, Jan. 28 at 11:30 a.m. ET

As it turns out, the fan, Katrina Torres, was keeping her word when she rushed the field, via KHON2's Manolo Morales:

Torres jumped over the rails in order to keep a promise that she made to her cousin, Gary. He was in a motorcycle accident two years ago, which left him paralyzed and unable to talk.

Gary was watching the game in New Mexico. He had always wanted to go to the Pro Bowl and was supposed to go to this year's game, but he ended up watching it on television.

Torres, who "I did it 4 Gary" written on her back, promised to run across the field for her cousin.

The fan also lucked out. After security caught her, Pro Bowl captain Deion Sanders supported her and kept her out of jail. 

“Deion Sanders came running behind us and he’s like, ‘Hey don’t arrest her. That was really cool. Just don’t arrest her. If you arrest her, I’m gonna bail her right out,’” Torres said.

Torres did not wind up in jail, thanks to Sanders. However, she is banned from Aloha Stadium for one year.

Hat tip to Deadspin's Barry Petchesky for the find.

--End of Update--

The fan tried to grab Raiders fullback Marcel Reece and then decided to head toward midfield. 


No word on if the fan received an excessive celebration penalty.