Seahawks Fans Threw Popcorn on NaVorro Bowman as He Was Carted Off

Kenny DorsetDirector of Social MediaJanuary 20, 2014

In a despicable act of sportsmanship, it appears Seattle Seahawks fans threw popcorn on San Francisco 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman as he was carted off after a gruesome leg injury. writer Gregg Rosenthal was the first to point out the incident:

Seahawks fans threw food at Bowman on his way out.

— gregg rosenthal (@greggrosenthal) January 20, 2014

@BMDriver1 it was popcorn

— gregg rosenthal (@greggrosenthal) January 20, 2014

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman commented on the incident in his column for MMQB:

One thing I can’t accept is what I read after the game about Seahawks fans throwing food at 49ers linebacker Navorro Bowman as he was being carted off the field with his knee injury. If it’s true, it’s beyond terrible. That’s as low as it gets. I’m sure whoever did this is in a small minority of fans, because I don’t think that kind of action is an accurate representation of the character of the 12th man. Navorro Bowman is a great player who plays the game the right way. When he went down, I dropped to a knee and prayed for him. He deserves better than having food thrown at him as he’s carted off a field. All players deserve better than that.

To make matters worse, the preliminary assessment on Bowman is a torn ACL.

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