The Seattle Seahawks Draft Possibilities (2010 Edition)

Shawn ScottCorrespondent IJune 4, 2009

SEATTLE - OCTOBER 31:  Linebacker Chad Brown #94 of the Seattle Seahawks leaves the field after his first game back from the disabled list on October 31, 2004 at Qwest Field in Seattle, Washington.  (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

The draft is a great opportunity for each team to improve its personnel. This is a list of possible prospects for the upcoming 2010 draft that could improve the Seahawks exponentially. Remembering back to some of the great draft classes of all time, a question arises, "Could this be the year?" The year we get 3, 4, or even 5 pro-bowl caliber players?  The year we separate ourselves from the rest of the NFL and become a team that transcends much the way the Patriots of late have? Only time will tell.

Here are the picks that we currently have for the 2010 draft and some players/scenarios to accompany them. Enjoy.

Seattle (from Denver) 1st round pick.

This pick will, within 99.7% probability, be in the 5-to-10 range, based mainly on the horrific defensive line, loss of pro-bowl quarterback, change in defensive scheme, and change in coaching staff for the Denver Broncos.

Players that will be available in that rage are:

OT Russell Okung / OT Bryan Bulaga

Both of these players would be excellent additions to an offensive line that has been injury plagued, and getting older. With Walter Jones seemingly on his way out as the franchise left tackle, a void is created. Although management is under the impression Sean Locklear will be a viable LT he has played quite well at RT, and I get the impression he just does not have the stuff to compensate for the loss of hall of famer Walter Jones. 

Either of these would be a great pick, but I would like to see the Hawks make a trade (similar to the Philadelphia / Buffalo trade for Jason Peters) with the second rounder from this year, the second rounder from next year, and any combination of Walter Jones (whose replacement would be coming in on the trade) / Deion Branch / Ray Willis / and or Brian Russell.  

I would love to see Ryan Clady coming in on this trade, and considering the moves of Josh McDaniels this past off-season it isn't out of the question. Especially when Boo Robinson (one of the best nose tackles as far as size / speed / ability goes) should be there at our 2nd rounder (I'm predicting in the No. 20 to 22 range) from this year.

SS Eric Berry

Berry should expect to be taken around the 5th to 10th picks, and if he is available to us, he should be the pick. Considering our poor defensive secondary play this past year (ranked 32nd), this should be a position of prime concern. Berry is a taller, faster version of Bob Sanders with slightly more potential. And yes, I mean former defensive player of the year Bob Sanders.

There are other safeties who can get the job done including Major Wright, Rashad Jones, and Earl Thomas (but none of whom compare to Berry). I'm under the impression Wright will be the best fit of the three, and will probably be the only one of the three still available in the middle of the second round. Like I said, the No. 20 to 22 range is where we should expect to pick, however, the only way that Wright would be chosen is if Denver's pick is used on an OT like Bulaga or Okung.

QB Jevan Sneed / Colt McCoy / Tim Tebow

Let's face it, there is almost a zero percent chance that Bradford will fall to us at the Denver pick. Bradford is a Peyton Manning type player, and has an amazing command of the pro-style offense he's been running at Oklahoma University. In order to trade up and get him we would be giving up far to much, taking into consideration that we have other needs.

Even with Matt Hasselbeck getting older, all of these other quarterbacks (Sneed, McCoy, Tebow) would be a serious reach at the Denver pick. Sneed has serious potential, but is not worth a top 10 pick. McCoy and Tebow are late first round picks, and just do not fit in Seattle. Even if we were to take one of these players, this is not the pick to do it with.

Seattle 1st round pick.

RB Jahvid Best / Jonathan Dwyer

These running backs are a tale of two very different styles of play. Best is a very quick back, and is projected to run the 40 in the mid 4.3's. If he can run a 4.34 / 4.33 or better he will have tremendous potential in the zone blocking system we employ. With a 5' 10'' and 195 lb frame, he should be an excellent balance of size and speed. If we can pick him up (and he runs a good 40 yd dash) he will be a game-changing back, and a great addition to our offensive backfield.

Jonathan Dwyer is more of a power back, and at 6' 0'' and 230 lbs, he is much more like a Jamal Lewis type of player. His powerful style of play makes him difficult to tackle, but with a 40 yd dash in the mid 4.4's he looses a step to Best. Both of these running backs are impact players, but I'm giving the nod to Best. Speed cannot be coached, and in the NFL today, speed (as seen by Chris Johnson) is a special commodity.

OG Anthony Davis / Ciron Black

Don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger. Your probably thinking that Mike Wahle and Rob Sims are our guards, and you'd be right. However, both of these players are past their primes. With the addition of Max Unger to an O Line that already has Chris Spencer and Sean Locklear we couldn't possibly need another guard, could we? 

The answer is (regrettably) yes. Since the loss of all-pro Steve Hutchinson after the '06 season this line has not been the same. Max Unger and Chris Spencer will eventually become the staring C and RG (to replace Rob Sims), with their play deciding which one becomes which. Sean Locklear will be the RT, and there are options (draft or trade) to replace the aging Walter Jones. 

With Mike Wahle getting up there in years, the time has come to find a replacement, AND NOT JUST A FILLER!! (that was for you front office). I am a little biased because I am going to Rutgers in the fall / spring of 2009 / 2010, but all biases aside, Anthony Davis is a monster. At 6' 6'' and 335 lbs, Davis is a massive player, but with a 40 yd dash in the mid 5.2's he should have an element of quickness for his size. Although he has been playing LT this past season, he was originally brought on as a LG. 

Anthony has the potential to take on multiple roles and to be a huge factor in the run / pass game for the Seahawks. He should start at LG and take over for the mediocre Mike Wahle. The other option is Ciron Black...also a LT in college. At 6' 5'' and 315 lbs Black is slightly smaller than Davis, but also has an athletic side that could boost him on the Seahawks draft board above Anthony Davis. Both are capable players, and both would satisfy a need. 

Seattle 2nd round pick.

Just to reiterate...

"I would like to see the Hawks make a trade (similar to the Philadelphia / Buffalo trade for Jason Peters) with THE SECOND ROUNDER FROM THIS YEAR, the second rounder from next year, and any combination of Walter Jones (whose replacement would be coming in on the trade) / Deion Branch / Ray Willis / and or Brian Russell. I would love to see Ryan Clady coming in on this trade, and considering the moves of Josh McDaniels this past off-season it isn't out of the question. Especially when Boo Robinson (one of the best nose tackles as far as size / speed / ability goes) should be there at our 2nd rounder (i'm predicting in the No. 20 to 22 range) from this year."

This is my ideal scenario for the 2nd rounder, but lets explore some others.

CB Donovan Warren

At 6 ft tall, Warren is not an unusually tall corner, but will not have the kind of match-up problems that Josh Wilson will on the edge. Statistically, he is 6' 0'' and 182lb, while boasting a 40 yd dash around a 4.37 / 4.39 which is on the faster end of things. Warren (with a little luck) will be available into the second round, considering that there should be about four-to-six corner backs taken before him.

Donovan Warren has the potential to be a legit No.2 corner across from Marcus Trufant (something that Ken Lucas does not) and sure up that side nicely. I am still sticking with my trade idea, but this is a plausible option if the trade is not.

DT Marvin Austin / Lawrence Marsh

These players are some of the best athletes at the DT position, and I would be thrilled to bring in either one. Although we have depth at the DT position this year, many of these players are untested. Those who under-perform I would like to see cut / traded (preferably traded so that we get something back for them), and one of these studs brought in.

Austin is a 6' 3'' and 305 lb player whose 40 yd dash is projected at a staggering 4.88 for a defensive tackle. Marsh is two inches taller, but with identical stats otherwise. Both are athletic. Both are play-makers. This might be a good third option, but a third option with the potential to bring in a tremendously talented player.

Seattle (does not have a) 3rd round pick.


Seattle 4th round pick.

HB / WR / PR Brandon James

James has been a punt return specialist with game changing speed. He can be utilized in a number of packages and formations. Brandon James strikes me as a "jack of all trades" who can score every time he touches the ball. At 5' 7'' and 188 lbs he is small, but not frail. This ratio of height-to-weight means that he is short, but built. 

With a 40 yd dash at 4.33 or lower he would be a great pickup in the 4th round. I think the Hawks could use him at 3rd string RB, 1st string punt / kick returner, and as a threat in the receiving game on screens / as a deep threat / and on end arounds.  Brandon James ought to be the 4th round pick.

WR Austin Rogers

Austin Rogers has been seriously hurt by the poor QB play at Tennessee over the past few years. He has the physical tools, and at 6' 2'' and 185 lbs with a 40 yd dash in the mid 4.4's, he is not a slowpoke by any means. He would provide more competition at the WR position, and allow the team to trade Dieon Branch more safely. Rogers would need to be coached up, but if he plays up to his potential he can be a serious contributor.

Pending what direction the Hawks decide to go, Rogers could be a legit 4th round pick. I guess it just comes down to the front office and what they're looking for.

DE Will Tukuafu

With an injury prone / struggling group at defensive end, Will Tukuafu would be a great addition to the team. At 6' 4'' and 277 lbs with a 40 yd dash at a respectable 4.77, Tukuafu should be a great player coming into the NFL and has put up great numbers at Oregon. He would (if we take him) be a great contributor to the defensive line, and should be able to play at a very high level for years to come.

Seattle 5th round pick

DE Roderick Battle

With the physical ability to make an impact in the NFL, Rod Battle would be a safe pick in the 5th round. At 6' 4'' and 260 lbs he runs the 40 yd dash in 4.7 flat...which is good for a big fella. He should be available in this round because he missed time due to injury this past year. With some coaching he could quite possible work his way into the starting rotation. A solid pick.

P Matt Dodge

Because field position is such a crucial aspect of the NFL game today, it only makes sense that having a stud punter will improve our team dramatically. Matt Dodge is the best punter in the 2010 draft class, and although he is no Ray Guy, he should be a dramatic upgrade over Olindo Mare. This should be a No.2 option considering that Roderick Battle is not available, and with a 44 yd average per punt, he will have the kind of leg that will improve our special teams by leaps and bounds.

Seattle 6th and 7th rounds.

There are few players from these rounds that end up as more than practice squad and 3rd / 4th stringers. Here are a few players that we might be interested in taking.

WR David Gettis

At 6' 4'' and 209 lbs, Gettis is a receiver with size. If properly coached he could develop into a good role player. With a 4.44 40 yd dash, he has all the physical tools to succeed.  With a drop off in production this past year he could be a steal.

QB Tony Pike

Even with an injury this past year Pike managed to put up good numbers. He has potential, and with Mike Teel also on the roster he would be good competition. I'd like to see Pike and Teel both learning under Hasselbeck and letting their play decide who will be his successor. Either way, Pike would be a nice pickup in the later rounds.

That about wraps it up. I'd like to hear back from my readers about who you think we will be taking with our picks. I'd also like to hear what you guys think about my predictions regarding our picks. I hope you enjoyed the read, and I am looking forward to reading any comments you might post.



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