Breaking News: Brett Favre Enters NFL Draft

Kyle JensenContributor IApril 20, 2008

It looks like all of the talks were true.  In an unprecedented move, Brett Favre held a press conference earlier today and has decided to enter the 2008 NFL draft.

This news coming only months after Favre had decided to hang up the cleats and retire from the game.  

After retiring, talks quickly started about his "inevitable" return to the game.  Favre even said that if the opportunity came, he would take it.

Asked about this startling news Favre noted, "I have never won a rookie of the year award."

Favre said that entering the draft would enable him a "second" career in the NFL, so all of his previous accolades could not be noted as his current stats can only be used when talking about his "First" career.  Thus his name must be Brett Favre the second or Brett Favre ( pronounced Fav-ra).

This second chance would also ensure that he could have a career that doesn't include the all-time interceptions record.

If chosen, Favre would ultimately be the oldest person ever to be drafted into the NFL, (he would have been the second if Mercury Morris had chosen to enter the draft as well, Morris ultimately dropped out after the Patriots lost the Super Bowl).

Roger Goodell sees Favre as just another prospect and says that there would be no references to his previous career.

Therefore, if drafted, he would still have to be chosen out of the University of Southern Mississippi (all highlights must be from his college days as well).

There is also confusion that if the Packers take him, could he wear number 4?

Roger Goodell said no, saying that he can only wear number 4 with the Packers if he decides to go back and play through his "first" career in the NFL.

That means Brett Favre (Fav-ra) could quite possibly be on the field for his retirement of his number for his first career as Brett Favre.

Mel Kiper Jr. already has Favre in the sixth round, being chosen by none other than the Atlanta Falcons (Brett Favre's first team in his previous career).  Since nobody could talk about his first career when speaking about Favre's entry to the draft, Kiper noted that Favre "has been out of the game for a while now since college, he might be a little slow.  Though he could definitely be a big steal."

Favre said in his press conference that, "I just want to make sure I leave a legacy, but if I do not get drafted by a team without Randy Moss, I will demand a trade."

Aaron Rodgers likes the fact that Favre is entering the draft, but is afraid that the Packers could choose him.  For obvious reasons too.

There is a lot of confusion about this, but it looks as if Favre could very well be the oldest rookie of the year ever, another record that quite possibly could never be broken.