..the Dolphins Select Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College

Pro Football NYCSenior Writer IApril 20, 2008

April 26th, 2008 - New York

The Miami Dolphins made Matt Ryan of Boston College the first overall selection in today's NFL Amateur Draft.

Ryan, a 6'5" quarterback was not the popular choice of draft experts, so this selection by Miami and their new president, Bill Parcells came as a surprise to many.

Parcells had been eyeing Ryan for weeks, while publicly keeping all avenues open by meeting with other players and considering trade options.

"He's our guy. He's been our guy all along", said the legendary coach "You know I don't like to tip my hand."  He then stood silently at the podium and smiled that famous sly smile at us.

"Wasn't it obvious?" chuckled Parcells.  He then stepped aside to let GM Jeff Ireland take over.

"The Dolphins have a proud tradition. Many great players and quarterbacks have played here. Matt will follow in that tradition".

Parcells then Jerry Jonesed Ireland out of the way.

"In New York, with the Giants I had Phil Simms, and we won. Then in New England, I took Bledsoe, and we won. Then back with the Jets, I grabbed Vinny and drafted Pennington.  That almost worked too. And who do you think found Tony Romo and gave him a shot?"

The smile left his face for a second and then returned.

"You guys don't think I know anything. I know one thing - defensive linemen can't throw the ball for you....and that's what keeps the lights on in this place.." said the new Dolphins' boss.

"You gotta put those fannies in the seats and keep them there." 

He then turned and walked off the set.  Leave it to Bill Parcells to simplify the draft by taking a franchise quarterback.  There are 'experts' that say Ryan is not a franchise quarterback.

They're wrong. 

If Bill Parcells tells you that this kid is a franchise QB, then it must be so.

And you better believe that he will make it so. 

Unless he comes to his senses and takes Jake Long...