Bleacher Report's Official 2008 NFL Mock Draft: Picks 17-32

Sean Crowe@CroweKnowsSenior Writer IApril 20, 2008

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Pick No. 17, Minnesota Vikings. Picking for the Vikings, Andrew K.

The Pick: Derrick Harvey, DE, Florida


Andrew K:  The Vikings select Derrick Harvey of Florida. They need to help the pass defense, and they should do that by picking up a premier defensive end. It's hard to stop the pass when the quarterback has 10 seconds to pass the ball...

Rob C:  I like him. Don't know how good a pick.

Scott S:  Dominated OSU in championship game.

David W:  Sure did.

John F:  He's good.

SeanMC:  Did the Vikings even have a sack last year?

John F:  Keep it clean...

Rob C:  Nobody ran on them.


Pick No. 18, Houston Texans. Picking for the Texans, the invisible Aron. Playing the roll of Aron, Sean C!

The Pick: Jonathan Stewart, RB, Oregon


SeanMC:  With the 18th pick in the draft, the Houston Texans select Jonathan Stewart, RB, Oregon. May he bulldoze the Colts for years and years to come.

Andrew K:  Good pick. Green isn't the answer right now.

SeanMC:  Green might have been the answer ten years ago.

Scott S:  Stewart is great, big back with speed and quick feet.

David W:  Stewart may be the most complete back in the NFL draft. He's got a great combination of strength and speed.  Mendenhall may be a little better in some people's opinions, but they are about equals.

Kevan L:  Hopefully Stewart can become the RB that everyone wanted the Texans to have a few years ago when Bush was available.

SeanMC:  Hopefully he's better than Bush. Bush is the most overrated player in professional sports.


Pick No. 19, Philadelphia Eagles. Picking for the Eagles, David W.

The Pick: Devin Thomas, WR, Michigan St.


David W:  I'll go through my logic here.  Their offensive linemen are getting old, so Chris Williams could be the guy.  Lito Sheppard is on his way out, so Rodgers-Cromartie could be the guy.  BUT, Devin Thomas is my pick.  They need a wide receiver.

SeanMC:  They REALLY need a WR.  Badly.

Kevan L:  Good pick, even though rookie WRs don't usually have much impact.

David W:  He has the highest boom or bust potential though.

Andrew K:  I agree. Nice pick.

John F:  Tampa wanted him...

Rob C:  I don't like him this high, but what the hell do I know. I drafted DeSean.

SeanMC:  As will Al Davis, Rob.

David W:  Jenkins, Albert, Williams, KENNY PHILLIPS still on the board


Pick No. 20, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Picking for the Bucs, Scott S.

The Pick: Mike Jenkins, CB, South Florida


Scott S:  With D. Thomas and DeSean off the board, I am forced to go with South Florida corner Mike Jenkins.

SeanMC:  I'm not a big Jenkins fan. Not sure he does anything well enough to be a first-rounder.

Scott S:  He'll probably go top 10 though.

Kevan L:  The Bucs were criticized for having an old defense, so this should help.

Rob C:  I agree, but if he was converted to safety, I'd like him more.

Andrew K:  Sweed could be another possibility here

Rob C:  The Bucs have 6 QBs and one old receiver.


Pick No. 21, Washington Redskins. Picking for the Redskins, Sean C.

The Pick:  Kenny Phillips, S, Miami


SeanMC:  I had them taking a defensive end, but Kenny Phillips was off the board in my original mock. With that said, the Redskins select Kenny Phillips, S, Miami.

John F:  Washington has pick No. weird is that? The ghost of Sean Taylor.

James C:  Kenny Phillips... it is destiny.

David W:  Should they pick Kenny Phillips here? He's supposed to be the next Sean Taylor (not as good though)?

Scott S:  "Ghost of Sean Taylor" sounds like the title of my next article.

Rob C:  From Miami too.

Andrew K:  They need a big possession receiver, but this pick makes some sense.

Rob C:  Yeah! Joe Gibbs is dancing in winner's row.

Andrew K:  I see them trading out of this pick one way or another.


Pick No. 22, Dallas Cowboys (from Browns). Picking for the Cowboys, Rob C.

The Pick: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, CB, Tennessee


Rob C:  Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie from Tennessee State is the pick here. And you can bet your bottom that the name change has something to do with it.

SeanMC:  I once considered changing my name to Sean Crowe-Brady

David W:  With the No. 22 pick in the first round, the Cleveland Browns select Brady Quinn.  Felix Jones? There might be time for this.  Dan Connor is still here.

SeanMC:  Think Jerry Jones could select himself?  He does seem to love himself.

John F:  Instead of Pac-Man...I can see this.

Andrew K:  Good pick. They have a very old secondary, and they can grab a receiver later.


Pick No. 23, Pittsburgh Steelers. Making the pick, John F.

The Pick: Chris Williams, OT, Vanderbilt


John F:  Dan Rooney says take offensive tackle Chris Williams from Vandy.

SeanMC:  They do need Offensive linemen...

Andrew K:  Good pick. Big Ben was sacked 47 times in 2007. They really need to address this, even more so now that Faneca is gone.

John F:  Albert could go there as well, but they want the OT.

Rob C:  I like Albert here better, but Williams will be able to help.


Pick No. 24, Tennessee Titans. Picking for the Titans, Kevan L.

The Pick: Branden Albert, G, Virginia


Kevan L:  Tennessee Titans select the best available player, Branden Albert.

Andrew K:  Vince Young could be great if he had the right cast of receivers. But this is a good pick because it will also help out Young, and they can grab a receiver later in the draft.

Kevan L:  He's listed as a Top 20 talent, so the Titans should be happy to get him.

SeanMC:  I like the pick, but I still think they need a DL to line up next to Haynesworth.

David W:  Dan Connor needs to get off this board.

Kevan L:  Yeah, I thought about Balmer for that reason.

James C:  We’re not doing second round David.


Pick No. 25, Seattle Seahawks. Picking for the Seahawks, James C.

The Pick: Limas Sweed, WR, Texas


James C:  With Albert and Williams being snagged in front of them, Seattle looks elsewhere.  The Seahawks select WR Limas Sweed.

His willingness to go over the middle and ability to get off the press will get him picked, and his knack for dropping balls will allow him to fit in well in Seattle.

James C:  Balmer and Cherilus were my other options.

Kevan L:  I think Balmer is bound to go soon.

Rob C:  Right now the Chargers are praying Balmer falls to them.

SeanMC:  Why the bad rap on Sweed? I thought he was pretty good in college.  People seem to be down on him.

David W:  He's a little soft.  I think that's why. He's big but he's not that physical.

Kevan L:  A soft WR in Seattle? Perfect!

SeanMC:  So he's a candidate to join Branch on the stationary bike? Bummer for Seattle.

David W:  Got injured during his senior year, which only made his supposed toughness factor even lower.  People are scared of big receivers who run slow 40 times now.

Mike Williams was a can't miss prospect coming out of USC and he turned into an absolute bust. So now, guys like Kelly and Sweed are getting punished for it.


Pick No. 26, Jacksonville Jaguars. Picking for the Jags, Andrew K.

The Pick: Phillip Merling, DE, Clemson


Andrew K:  Jacksonville selects DE Philip Merling of Clemson. They need a receiver and defensive tackle, but they also need a playmaking DE. They lost McCray and Hayward gets injured way too easy. Spicer turns 33 this year.

They need a fresh face for this position. Kentwan Balmer will be tempting here, but they can't pass up Merling.

SeanMC:  Nice job, I had them going in the same direction.

David W:  Calais Campbell is disappointed by your selection.   But I can't disagree with Merling.


Pick No. 27, San Diego Chargers.  Picking for the Chargers, Rob C.

The Pick: Kentwan Balmer, DT, North Carolina


Rob C:  With the 27th pick, the Chargers select Kentwan Balmer, DT, North Carolina.

Scott S:  Nicely played.

SeanMC:  I like it.

Scott S:  I like Balmer.

Andrew K:  Good pick. I don't see the Chargers staying with this pick though.

Kevan L:  Balmer would allow them to switch into a 4-3 in certain situations.


Pick No. 28, Dallas Cowboys. Picking for the Cowboys, David W.

The Pick: Felix Jones, RB, Arkansas


David W:  Jerry Jones loves Arkansas. Jerry Jones loves Felix Jones.  Cowboys pick a speedy running back to complement Marion Barber.

SeanMC:  Felix Jones is a good pick here.  I had them reaching for Chris Johnson.

Kevan L:  if Felix Jones is the pick, Todd McShay might die a thousand deaths.

Rob C:  Great pick.

David W:  Felix had some absurd number like 8 or 9 yards a carry.  He had back-to-back 1,000 yard seasons. Not too bad for a backup.

Rob C:  He's perfect for the Cowboys system.

SeanMC:  Plus, Barber's never been "The Guy" before.


Pick No. 29, San Francisco 49ers (from Colts). Picking for the 49ers is Scott S.

The Pick: Malcolm Kelly, WR, Oklahoma


Scott S:  Ok, surprise pick here with Malcolm Kelly, WR, Oklahoma.  That is, if Martz has anything to say about it.

David W:  I like it, I was just thinking Kelly.

SeanMC:  Good pick, they could use a WR who can get open...that's for sure.

Rob C:  And catch.

Andrew K:  You can't really argue with a team that needs help across the board.


Pick No. 30, Green Bay Packers. Picking for the Pack, Sean C.

The Pick: Reggie Smith, S, Oklahoma


SeanMC:  To me, the Packers are weak in the secondary. They have their two big guns at corner, but nothing behind them. Tney also have a couple of safeties that can be easily exploited (just ask the Cowboys).

With that said, the Packers select Reggie Smith, S, Oklahoma.

Scott S:  Flowers would have been ideal.  Flowers will be a Pro-Bowler.

Andrew K:  Al Harris will be 34, and Charles Woodson will be 32. Those big guns needs young help.

Scott S:  Woodson and Harris were exposed by Burress.

SeanMC:  You can't expect anyone to match up 1-on-1 with Burress when he's motivated.

David W:  Nice pick! Completely forgot about Reggie Smith. He can play corner or safety.  Smith similar to Brodney Pool, a former Oklahoma guy.

James C:  Like the position and Smith, but I like Godfrey and Flowers better. 

Scott S:  I love Woodson, although he's a Michigan man, but he's past his prime.


Pick No. 31, New England Patriots.  Picking for the Patriots…nobody. 

The Pick: Forfeited as punishment for Spygate.


Scott S:  Pats take Matt Walsh, Super Bowl XXXVI MVP.

Andrew K:  And are forced to watched David Tyree's catch on repeat for 15 minutes.


Pick No. 32, and the last pick of the mock, New York Giants. Picking for the Giants, Rob C.

The Pick: DaJuan Morgan, S, NC State


Rob C:  The Giants were salivating for Smith, but since he's gone, they stay on track and draft DaJuan Morgan, S, NC State.

SeanMC:  Dan Connor?

Rob C:  The Giants have a middle linebacker in Pierce.

David W:  Connor can play outside or inside.

SeanMC:  After Pierce? I think I'm second on their depth chart.

Rob C:  No, I'm second, you're third...sorry Sean. I'm bigger.

Andrew K:  You know, I think the Giants need defensive ends. They really stunk it up in the Super Bowl, didn't they?


Disagree with our picks?  Let us know in the comments below.

I’m SeanMC.



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