Andre Johnson After Texans' Loss to Jaguars: 'We Suck'

Joseph ZuckerFeatured ColumnistNovember 24, 2013

Getty Images

Andre Johnson offered a frank criticism of the Houston Texans after their 13-6 Week 12 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday.    

Said the veteran wideout, per ESPN's Tania Ganguli:

We suck. As an offense. That's pretty much it.

You’re not going to play perfect every single game, but I mean, it’s been bad, you know? They were booing us last week. They booed us before. I said it before, if we’re not putting good stuff on the field, we ain’t giving them nothing to cheer about. They booed. They should boo. 

Johnson also added, "Yeah, if you look at our record, yeah, we're the worst team."

This comes a week after the star receiver got into an argument with quarterback Matt Schaub on the sideline. While the significance of that was lessened immediately after the game, there's clearly a growing discontent in Houston.

Questioned about his future intentions with the franchise last week, Johnson's response couldn't have been too encouraging for Texans fans, either.

"I'm under contract, so I have to play my contract out," he said. "I can't do anything about that."

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle shared similar sentiments from a few other key players postgame.

With the loss, the Texans fall to 2-9, which is tied with the Jaguars and Atlanta Falcons for the worst record in the league. Houston had 218 yards of total offense for the game, with Johnson catching just two passes for 36 yards.

This is the team's ninth loss in a row after it started the season 2-0.

Coming off a 12-4 season and an AFC South title in 2012, there were high expectations coming into the year, with some even talking Super Bowl.

It's been all downhill since then, with the inept offense one of the main culprits. Matt Schaub, Case Keenum and T.J. Yates have combined to throw just 16 touchdowns to 13 interceptions, and starting running back Arian Foster was lost for the season earlier in the month.

The Texans still have five more games left in the season, three of which come against the Indianapolis Colts, New England Patriots and Denver Broncos. It may get worse in Houston before it gets better.