Giants' David Wilson and Rueben Randle Engage in Peculiar Twitter Spat

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 16, 2013

David Wilson and Rueben Randle are either great friends using Twitter like most use their NFL fantasy league message boards, or they are two Giants players beefing hard right now. 

Larry Brown Sports spotted just the latest peculiar moment from the land of Twitter. It features the Giants' out-of-favor running back, Wilson, and their receiver with three touchdowns in the last two games, Randleboth of whom took to the social media website and got into a friendly little scrap. 

Here is how it all went down: 

Already, Wilson is losing steam:

@RuebenRandle get off twitter and get in your play book u bum 😂😂😂

— David E. Wilson (@4stillRunning) October 15, 2013

Now Randle joins the fight:

OK, now we get to the obvious fumble jokes directed at the fragile hands of Wilson, who lost track of the ball twice in Week 1 against the Dallas Cowboys:

If you are scoring at home, Randle is winning this Twitter troll session.

Damn, now Randle is just getting mean. There is kicking a man when he is down, and then there is chiding a running back who is reportedly out three to four weeks with a neck injury. 

From there, Randle finishes a fight Wilson started by just pummeling the running back like an MMA fighter going to the full-on ground-and-pound. 

Wilson comes up for air just long enough to tap out with this tweet:

And there we have ourselves a very silly and very insignificant moment from the Giants' unfortunate 2013 campaign. 

This really looks like two teammates having fun with each other. I'm sure it gets a lot more colorful and hilarious in the locker room. 

In short, we seriously doubt the two colleagues are legitimately disrespecting each other. They are probably just having some fun to pass the time as the team continues to lose. 

And that brings us to the most important part of this story: Giants fans will hardly care. No, they would much rather stop the constant onslaught on their defense and perhaps find some semblance of a consistent running game. 

Then again, the players might just be tired of getting heckled and decided to put a stop to it all by making fun of themselves. 

Either way, the team is 0-6 heading into its Week 7 clash with the Vikings. At least there are a couple of Giants players seemingly dedicated to entertaining fans—on the field or not.


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