'Little Knockers' Is Everything You Want in a 'Hard Knocks' Parody and More

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Walk a mile in these tiny shoes, and you will begin to cry from the burden. You see, life is no picnic for the kids who make up the little Vikings, and this is their story. 

Deadspin spotted the latest comedic classic from Funny or Die, a video that takes on the over-the-top approach from the popular Hard Knocks series and packs it into a pint-sized, pee-wee version. 

Yes, Little Knockers is exactly what you might envision if someone told you they were going to tackle a Hard Knocks parody using pee-wee football players instead of NFL stars. 

In many ways, you don't miss much. 

The passionate coach who always seems to be one misstep from a hilarious meltdown is here in the form of the fictional coach Bruce Kilmer.

There is even a camp holdout in the mysterious D'Vigerous Austin. We have position battles, hazing and one diva who seems only comfortable when he is making things awkward. 

Forget begging and pleading with NFL teams next summer, HBO. We have your next football club that needs more attention right here. 

Really, the star of the show is the brash Timmy Kowalski, who is just like Shakespeare because he makes plays, [hilarious expletive deleted]. 

The Vikings will only go as far as his legs will take them, but they may be undone by that mouth and tremendous ego that continues to get in the way of team morale. 

Simply put, we need a whole lot more of the Vikings in our lives.

I'm also happy to be emotionally invested in this Kevin Alvarez kid, because I'm sure he makes the final squad. 

Now seriously, what's up with your older sister?

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