Leonys Martin Trapped Ball Missed by Six Umpires at Rangers-Rays Game

Chris StephensCorrespondent IISeptember 30, 2013

It's a new year, but there's still controversy when it comes to a one-game playoff in MLB.

This year, it comes at the expense of the Tampa Bay Rays, who were threatening to add to their 4-2 lead in the top of the seventh against the Texas Rangers. Then, this happened:

With runners on first and second, Rays designated hitter Delmon Young hit a blooper to center field with Rangers outfielder Leonys Martin apparently coming up with a diving catch. However, upon further review, Martin clearly trapped the ball.

The problem is, six umpires missed the call and it cost the Rays a run. In a one-game playoff situation, one run could mean everything.

With that play the postseason starts with some controversy yet again. This comes only a year after the infamous infield-fly call during the Braves-Cardinals NL Wild-Card game.

Twitter had a lot of reaction from writers, broadcasters and fans alike:

At least for the Rays, they were ahead in the game at the time of the call, compared to the Braves last year who were trailing. Had the score been different, there would have been a bigger outcry about the missed call.

A call like this only adds to the argument that replay has to be expanded even further, especially in the playoffs. It's more important that the call is right as opposed to letting human error determine the outcome.

The technology is there. It's time that it gets used. By MLB choosing not to use it, they're showing that they care more about tradition and the way things used to be, as opposed to getting the call right.