10 Questions for Devin Hester

Joseph MoroniContributor IMay 18, 2009

CHICAGO - DECEMBER 22: Devin Hester #23 of the Chicago Bears returns a punt against the Green Bay Packers on December 22, 2008 at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois. The Bears defeated the Packers 20-17. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Over the past three seasons no player has been more exciting than Devin Hester.

The Chicago Bears playmaker, who exploded out of the gates to help lead the Bears to the Super Bowl in 2006, has been trying to convert himself into more of a threat on the offensive side of the ball by becoming a wide receiver.

If I ever sat down with him for an interview there are 10 areas that I would like to ask him about his career and playing style.

1. The brand of football that you play is very exciting because of your speed and agility. What player would you say that your game is most modeled after? 

Is being compared to Deion Sanders, one of the greatest playmakers of recent NFL history, something that you're proud of?

2. What is the biggest difference that you have seen between being relied upon more on the offensive side of the ball and your old role as simply a kick returner?

Do you think that concentrating more on the offense has made it more difficult for you to function as a return man?

Which part of your game do you think would help the team the most: your return game or being a wide receiver?

3. After your amazing season in 2006 the city of Chicago went Devin Hester crazy. What has been the major difference in your life since that amazing season and trip to the Super Bowl?

Does it make you nervous that to many people in Chicago you might be considered close to a hero? 

4. With Jay Cutler coming into this season as the new quarterback do you expect to get more catches and touchdowns in the coming season?

Do you think that your playmaking ability along with Jay Cutler's phenomenal passing ability that you two can become one of the best deep threats in the NFL?

5. What was it like to take the first kickoff of the 2006 supermall all the way back for a touchdown? What can you tell us about what you are thinking before, during, and after the play? 

Has that been your most rewarding experience so far in football?

Did you ever think that you would return  a kickoff for a touchdown in the biggest game of your life?

6. Playing in the Chicago sports scene, how would you compare the Chicago Bears fans to the fans in the rest of the league?

Do you think the Bears have been the perfect fit for you so far? Would you like to play in Chicago for a lot of years to come?

7.What has been the major difference between playing in the NFL and playing For University of Miami?

How does it feel to know that you have played for both a very storied Chicago Bears team and a Miami team that has been one of the best college teams in the country for a long time?

What has been more exciting for you, playing for a national championship caliber College program, or going to the Super Bowl with the Chicago Bears?

8. Some people are saying that you may be the best kick returner in the history of the NFL.

With 11 combined kickoff and punt return touchdowns you rank third all time in combined touchdown returns behind Eric Metcalf and Dante Hall. Last year you scored three receiving touchdowns.

To you, what is more exciting: scoring a touchdown on a perfectly executed passing play or taking a kick return all the way in by yourself?

In your estimation what is harder to do?

9. What has been your biggest accomplishment to this point in your career?

10. Who has been the biggest influence on your life both on the field and off?