When Peyton's Golf Gloves Come Off

john moockContributor INovember 6, 2016

If I hear one more person say the Colts are going to be mediocre this year I'm going to puke...

Ok so Tony Dungy is the new inspiration in Michael Vick's pathetic life instead of coaching for the Indianapolis Colts...

Ok so Moore and Meeks are gone too...

Ok so Marvin Harrison is hanging up his jersey instead of playing catch in the dark with Peyton...

Have NFL fans around the globe already written the Colts off as serious contenders this year or is it me? Everywhere I read these days I hear ridiculous predictions of the Colts being a middle of the pack team! Yesterday, an article came out with them ranked 20th in the NFL!!! Maybe I don't have much say in the matter... but Peyton surely does.

We are talking about a future Hall of Fame QB that on any given Sunday can take out any opponent. Laser, rocket arm right? A man with so much field vision that he can make any WR core into Superstars! Changing the plays at the line to only toy with defenses and pray on their weaknesses. A hurry up offense that tires and confuses the best of coaches and schemes.

With his knee at 100 percent (which I assume by him being on the golf course!) he is going to prove to Dungy, Moore and the world that he is a product of superior talents with years of inspirational development. His desire to win will carry this team to the playoffs. His weapons will aid him in his attempt to feed his hunger for another ring.

Speaking of weapons...I think its only appropriate to list his cast of characters with a few words of wishful thinking.

  • Addai: can he get the right amount of touches to take the pressure off the air-attack? Will Brown step up and make for one of the leagues nastiest tandems? (after all he did lead the NCAA in yds last year, nice pick COLTS!)
  • Gonzo: Can he forget about being Marvin Harrison and leave that to Reggie Wayne? The real question is can he be Reggie Wayne this year? Are they going to use him in the slot and have a battle for the No. 2 job?
  • Dallas Clark: Can he set a record for TDs for a TE this year? He is after all Peyton's favorite red zone weapon... I predict 12 tds on 1,100 yds for him!
  • Can Bob Sanders and Dwight Freeney stay healthy? That is the true question that will take them to the Super Bowl!

Say what you want about the Colts...but don't say .500! Leave that to the Packers, Panthers and Vikings this year!