Former NFL Player Shocked to Find Home Ravaged by Teenage Party

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 19, 2013

A bunch of teenagers decided it would be a good idea to throw a party. Not wanting to destroy their own homes, they broke into former NFL player Brian Holloway's house and completely trashed it. 

Fox Sports' Sam Gardner reports Holloway—an offensive lineman who played in the NFL from 1981 to 1988 for the Patriots and Raiders—was shocked to find out that his vacation home was used for a teenage party over Labor Day weekend. 

That party led to damages exceeding $20,000. 

UPDATE: Friday, September 27, 12:35 p.m. ET by Gabe Zaldivar

According to Fox News, six people have been arrested in connection with the Labor Day party that saw Holloway's house vandalized. 

The entire report is quite telling, but a couple of interesting details to note: one of the participants arrested is allegedly a young man who Holloway once took into his home as a homeless teen, and he is allegedly one of the persons to organize the rager; and the party is now estimated to have had 400 people attend. 

UPDATE: Friday, September 20, 7:25 p.m. ET by Gabe Zaldivar

As is stated later in this article, parents are fuming that Holloway would utilize their children's pictures for his website. To that end, they are now considering lawsuits against the former NFL player, via The NY Daily News

It's a strange stance considering the kids themselves posted pictures to websites like Twitter, perfectly content to have the world take in images of their party. 

Ah, but what do we know? We would never trash another person's house. 

End of Update---

Holloway was in Florida and was unaware that about 300 teenagers broke into his Stephentown, N.Y., house and threw a party they were quite happy to document on social media websites. (h/t BuzzFeed) caught some of the remarkable images and tweets that leaked from the party and is now getting a great many of these kids in much-deserved trouble. 

Here are some of those pictures and tweets, many of which have been deleted on Twitter. 

Photo credit: Bossip.
Photo credit: Bossip.

Photo credit: Bossip.
Photo credit: Bossip.

Photo credit: Bossip.
Photo credit: Bossip.

If that wasn't enough to make you feel awful for Holloway, here is a video of him surveying the damage. 

Holloway launched the website Help Me Save 300 not in an effort to "shame the kids," as Gardner puts it, but to get them to change their lives for the better. 

He states on the website, "I believe that 'their ultimate party' of crimes can in fact become the ultimate Turning Point in the lives of these 300." He continues later, "Today, I know I can do something; I know we can do something; to turn these kids around."

As if cleaning up his home weren't enough, WYNT spoke with the 54-year-old, who divulged he is getting threats from some parents over his posting of their children's images. "Yeah, I got some threats, you know, 'we're gonna get you, and we know where your home is,' and you know 'houses do get firebombed.'"

Another piece of the puzzle falls neatly into place.

It should also be noted Holloway didn't have to sleuth very hard to find the images that were plastered on sites like Twitter. On the bright side, Gardner spotted this tweet from Phil Demers that shows teens who came out to help clean up the mess they had no part in making. 

WYNT states no arrests have been made, but police officials are taking these allegations seriously and consider the crime a "high priority" at the moment. 

The report also states Holloway has been trying to sell the property. An auction was even scheduled to take place next month. We would imagine that may have to be rescheduled after an obscene amount of damage took place. 

Kids will be kids, and we have all enjoyed house parties in our youth. Still, you have to go out of your way to cause $20,000 in damage to one home. 

The fact that they broke into a stranger's house with an apparent need for destruction is awful. The hope is Holloway is successful in his newfound mission to transform some kids for the better. 


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