Tim Tebow Will Not Get Another Shot in NFL in 2013

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistSeptember 13, 2013

FOXBORO, MA - AUGUST 29: Tim Tebow #5 of the New England Patriots throws a pass against the New York Giants in the second half during the preseason game at Gillette Stadium on August 29, 2013 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Now that two weeks have gone by in the 2013 NFL season, Tim Tebow's chances at getting back into the league this year have vanished.

There are still 15 weeks left in the season, but most quarterback situations have been taken care of already. Bringing Tebow in would create a media circus for whatever team signed him, and nobody wants that at this point.

Not even the New England Patriots could escape the circus. There was never any starting quarterback controversy, but the biggest storyline of the offseason surrounded Tebow's quest to make the roster. In the end he was released, and his 2013 season was effectively over.

The New York Jets have settled on rookie Geno Smith, so they aren't in need of a quarterback. They have brought Brady Quinn in multiple times to compete for the backup job and have plenty of options to choose from.

Only one team would make sense at any point this season: the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Jacksonville has been linked to Tebow for years now. The 26-year-old is from that area, so it seems like a logical fit.

The Jaguars had a quarterback competition this offseason, and Blaine Gabbert won the job. However, a hand injury gave the job to veteran Chad Henne. With Henne leading the way, the Jaguars have a quarterback who can throw the football.

Any interest the Jaguars may show in Tebow would be purely to make money. The team isn't likely to compete this season, and it is trying to build a team for the future. New coach Gus Bradley won't want to deal with the controversy that comes with Tebow during a rebuilding process, so Jacksonville is out of the mix.

It's unfortunate that he won't get another chance in the NFL this season, if ever. He's not a great quarterback by any means, but he brings more to the table than Quinn or most of the backups in the league. 

Tebow can't control the media circus. He is the victim of his own success. The quarterback won a Heisman Trophy and two national titles at Florida, and he took a team that started 1-4 to the playoffs.

During that run, members of the media took off with the legend that is Tim Tebow.

Numbers will never support Tebow.

He's completed only 47.9 percent of his passes in his three years in the league, although he only played consistently in one season (2011). He threw 17 touchdowns compared to nine interceptions, and he averaged less than a touchdown per game through the air as a starter.

In 14 games with the Broncos in 2011, the left-hander completed more than 10 passes in a game only five times. He completed more than 50 percent of his passes only twice, but he went 8-5 as a starter and won a playoff game.

Tebow was one of the leaders in the zone-option, or read-option, phase that has swept that NFL.

He ran for 660 yards on 122 carries during his magical run with the Denver Broncos, which comes out to a 5.4-yard average. He led the Broncos to the top rushing offense in the league, and he scored six touchdowns on the ground. 

The problem with adding Tebow to a roster is that he doesn't fit well in conventional systems. He needs to be able to run the option. Going to a team like Jacksonville doesn't work because it'd have to change its entire offense in order to get Tebow to succeed, and teams don't want to make a huge adjustment for a backup.

If a team needs Tebow to come in and throw the ball 30 times a game, he's probably not going to do well. The quarterback needs a quick running back who can create a dynamic offense and keep defenses guessing.

There's not enough time left in this season in order for him to add anything to a team. At this point he'd only be a distraction to any team.

As long as he continues to stick to his word and stay at quarterback, he won't be finding any teams that are willing to bring him in to compete for a backup job.

That's unfortunate because in the minds of many he has earned the right to compete for a starting job, after what he did with the Broncos. In this case, though, his success has worked against him.

Tebow will have to wait until the offseason to get another chance to chase his dream. He showed that he can win in this league, but his career as a starting quarterback may be over.

Now Tebow will have to wait for a team to take a chance on him next year, or even later.


*All stats are courtesy of NFL.com