Eric Decker and Wife Jessie James Enter Season as Newlyweds and Reality Stars

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 5, 2013

Photo Credit: Jessie James' Instagram
Photo Credit: Jessie James' Instagram

Eric Decker, a four-year veteran who has been with the Denver Broncos since 2010, is well accustomed to season openers. However the latest campaign will be all the more special, because he will share each moment with his lovely wife, who will also feature with the receiver in a new reality-TV show. 

On Thursday, the Broncos kick off the season against the Baltimore Ravens. You can almost smell grills firing up in preparation for the much-anticipated game. 

For Decker, it concludes an unforgettable summer that included a marriage to country singer Jessie James. 

Back in June, E! Online's Lily Harrison reported Decker and James swapped vows at St. Francis in Castle Rock, Colo., in a ceremony she described as for their, "closest family and friends."

From there, it was off to Castle Cliff Estates where sights like this took place, via Jessie James' Instagram feed. 

It makes sense that E! covered the event thoroughly, because the network will premiere Eric & Jessie: Game On on Sunday, Sept. 29. 

The show will cover the two as they prepared for their wedding. It might be best to just take a look at the trailer to see what you can expect in a few weeks when it airs. 

Channel Guide Magazine spoke with the two and discussed what it was like to document their lives. First, Decker admitted that some of it might be fuel for locker room fodder.

I drag a couple teammates in it just so they can get teased with me, he laughs. For the most part everybody was encouraging. They know that this isn’t going to distract me or pull me away from football.


Obviously when you’re in a locker room with 15 other guys they’re going to try and take jokes at you and stuff, Decker admits.

James promises that this isn't going to be your average reality-TV series, which is usually what people say before airing yet another reality-TV series. 

We didn’t want it to be some trash show with drama, throwing things and being mean to one another because that’s not real life and we’re not like that. We are really happy people and we really are madly in love with one other so we just wanted to showcase that and how we juggle both of our careers. It’s pretty realistic with what’s going on, there’s really nothing fake about the show, and that’s really what we wanted to make sure happened.

She also wants you all to know that, above all, she and Decker are just normal people who are madly in love. It just so happens their day jobs have them traveling across the nation exciting fans and moving crowds. 

Decker will suit up much as he has before, but with the support of a loving wife and a reality-show loving nation who will soon learn a great deal more about the star receiver. 


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