How the Miami Dolphins Turned Me Into a Fan

Joi WhitmoreCorrespondent IMay 15, 2009

MIAMI - NOVEMBER 16:  A Miami Dolphins cheerleader during the game against the Baltimore Ravens on November 16, 2003 at Pro Player Stadium in Miami, Florida. The Dolphins won 9-6 in overtime. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

This week brought me many surprises, some good, some bad. Aside from dealing with a family emergency involving my sports mentor, it's been a pretty good week.

That's because I discovered The Bleacher Report and found my heart pounding like never before.

Wow, I thought, I can finally express my exploding sports thoughts on line to bunches of strangers and some friends? Wow! Super!

I came across a neat little ad on Facebook—the one social site I am really trying to only visit once a week, and immediately I put all other tasks on hold to dive in.

I'm diving in to swim with the Miami Dolphins!

Putting my love for the Dallas Cowboys first as always, it was clear in the contest rules for the CBS Correspondent contest that the fan wanting to achieve this ultimate position must live in proximity of the team they want to cover.

Oooh. I felt happy/sad upon reading that. How I would love to cover the Dallas Cowboys while at the same time maintaining a positive outlook on their upcoming season!

However, my relationship with Jerry Jones has almost turned into divorce.

That could be reason number one why I chose the Dolphins as the team to cover this year. To clearly emphasize my involvement with the Dolphins, I made a comprehensive list of the reasons why I love this team and would love to be chosen as a correspondent for this team:

  1. Proximity: The Florida Turnpike is only 4 miles from my house, and Landshark (ugh) Stadium a short 45 minutes south.
  2. My Dolphins History: 10 years ago, I actually tried out for the Dolphins cheerleader team. I figured I loved the game so much that I was willing to do ANYTHING to get closer to the action. I gave up after the first two days.
  3. Jason Taylor: Please forgive me guys for this one, but Jason Taylor is very easy on the eyes. Besides, he leads the league in all time sacks for this decade. I am excited to see what he will add to the team this year.
  4. Respect for Bill Parcells and Tony Sparano: This dynamic team did not get enough time in Dallas to do the magic that they do. Even though Parcells is VP and not on the field, his genius is obvious in every team he works with.
  5. Empty Seats: Every game I've been to at Joe Robbie or Pro Player or Dolphin Stadium has had a disturbing amount of empty seats. The weather is great, wish you were here!
  6. The JumboTron: Oct. 5, 2008 I wore my Zach Thomas jersey and got excited enough during the game against the Chargers to get myself on the big screen. That's got to be one to seal the deal for me. The Cowboys fan club almost dropped me after hearing this.
  7. The Local Market: Dolphins games get priority on the local stations (for the most part). It was exciting and unavoidable to see some games last year that came down to absolute nail-biters.

And an honorable mention: Rubbing elbows with Bernie Kosar.

I was friends with his niece through an old boyfriend and we got to hang out at his house where she lived with him at the time. I played pool in the very room adorned by his Super Bowl trophy, the one earned as a backup to my favorite QB Troy Aikman.

I'm also a huge fan of my home away from home, Bru's Room. This is my "Cheers", my Sundays away from the hubby and my darling-soon-to-be-sports-fanatic two year old.

Bru's Room is owned by Bob Brudzinski, a former Dolphins linebacker who played with the Dolphins from 1981-1989. That place is a sports lovers heaven.

I still get tickled when I walk in and everyone knows my name, my passion, and my drink of choice. I'd almost rather watch games there because of the sheer excitement of the patrons and the fact that I can unabashedly scream at the TV.

I'm fully immersed in the South Florida culture and lifestyle so it seems to be a perfect fit for me to take on the challenge of covering this team.

In addition, I eat, drink, and live football. Nothing makes me more excited than NFL games, especially live.

I'm looking forward to a season of surprises, some ups and downs, and navigating through the Construction Zone.