Richie Incognito Punched Security Guard at Hotel Nightclub Before Training Camp

Ethan Grant@DowntownEGAnalyst IAugust 21, 2013

Miami Dolphins offensive guard Richie Incognito moves people out of the way for a living in the NFL, but he apparently got a head start on his day job during a recent trip to a Miami nightclub.


UPDATE: Wednesday, Aug. 21, at 5:40 p.m. ET's Gregg Rosenthal has an update on the Incognito situation:

Sgt. Bobby Hernandez with the Miami Beach police told that Incognito wasn't arrested or booked into jail after being accused of being involved in a fight at Club Liv.

According to the Miami Beach police report, a man who was guarding the stage at Club Liv told police that Incognito and his group were trying to get closer to a performer on stage. The man guarding the stage, Carlos Joseph, 32, of Miami-Dade County, told police that he told Incognito and his group to "please step back."

One of the men in Incognito's group responded by pushing Joseph, yelling at him, and instigating a fight that involved Joseph, Incognito, and Incognito's friends. They were escorted out of the club.

He also noted that "because of the warning, Incognito can't go back to the club without the owner's permission. If he goes back without permission, Incognito can be jailed."

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According to ESPN's Adam Schefter via league sources, Incognito punched and knocked out a security guard at the Fontainebleau hotel during an altercation that occurred before the Dolphins began training camp in July. 

A source close to Incognito claims that the 30-year-old was punched first. 

Per the report, the Dolphins have been aware of the incident. One source close to the franchise claims that "they've done everything to bury it," according to Schefter.

The hotel reportedly has video of Incognito punching the security guard in question, but does not want to release the tape to avoid negative publicity. The NFL, which has not yet seen the footage, declined to comment on the incident. 

Considered one of dirtiest players in the NFL by his peers as recently as last season, Incognito is no stranger to controversy. He was in the news just this week for a preseason tiff with Houston Texans defensive lineman Antonio Smith.   

After Smith and Incognito tangled during one of Miami's offensive plays on Saturday, the replay showed Smith ripping the guard's helmet off and violently swinging it in the direction of Incognito's head. 

Smith was suspended for Houston's final two preseason games and its first game of the 2013 NFL season for those actions on Monday. He is appealing the suspension.  

The news of Incognito's Miami nightclub fight comes just a week after Dave Hyde of the Miami Sun-Sentinel did an expose of how the former St. Louis Rams and Buffalo Bills guard had changed his ways for the better. 

"I'll admit, I was an idiot when I was in St. Louis,'' Incognito told Hyde. "You can chalk it up to being immature. But it got to the point the immaturity was just an excuse. I was doing stupid stuff."

Taken by the Rams in the third round of the 2005 NFL draft, Incognito has started all 94 games in which he has seen the field. He was a first-time Pro-Bowler in 2012.