Should the Giants Have Hired Bill Parcells as GM Instead of Jerry Reese?

Konrad KrawczykContributor IMay 13, 2009

Jerry Reese's first draft as Giants General Manager was in April 2007, where he drafted a host of players that all contributed to Big Blue's first Super Bowl title since beating the Buffalo Bills in thriller almost 20 years ago.

Reese ran his second draft last month and has been getting high praise for his picks from all over the NFL world.

I heard a story at the conclusion of the 2006 season that Bill Parcells placed a call to the Giants in regards to their GM opening following the retirement of Ernie Accorsi.

The Giants turned Parcells down, opting for someone like Reese who is more likely to stay with the franchise long term.

If Parcells had been hired, he only would have been here for three years tops at my estimation.

So far the hiring of Reese has worked out for the Giants. Most of their 2007 draft class includes useful and productive players.

This year's class looks to be a pretty good one, but we won't be sure of that until we see these youngsters on the field. However, part of me feels like Parcells would have been a better fit.

While Reese has mostly uncovered players that range from okay to pretty good, Parcells has a history of finding players who are flat-out studs.

Heaven knows every team in sports can use all the studs it can get, and so I'd like to take a look at Parcell's recent draft history with the Dallas Cowboys.

Lets face it; the only reason why the Cowboys are even able to reach or sniff the playoffs these days is solely because of Bill Parcells.

The fact is the the stars that make up the Cowboys roster was put together by Parcells, and Wade Phillips is simply riding his coattails.

In 2003, Parcells drafted Terrence Newman with the fifth overall pick and Jason Witten in the third round. Newman made the Pro Bowl in 2007 and Witten might be the best TE in all of football.

He certainly has been Tony Romo's go-to receiver year in and year much so that it made T.O. whine as the Cowboys were attempting to make a post-season push.

In 2004, the Tuna took Julius Jones with the 43rd pick and Patrick Crayton in the seventh round. Julius Jones had a 1,000 yard rushing season in his rookie year.

He fell off a bit the following year, but then joined the Seattle Seahawks prior to last season and averaged 4.4 yards a carry. So Jones has been a very productive running back during his three years in the NFL.

Patrick Crayton has also turned out to be a productive receiver, given his limited opportunities as he has been overshadowed by T.O. and Jason Witten. In his three years in the league, Crayton has caught 36, 50, and 39 balls respectively.

His average yards per reception during these three years have come in at 14.3, 13.9 and 14.1, respectively. If it weren't for a dropped pass in the Divisional Round of the 2007 playoffs against the Giants, the Cowboys might have won that game.

CB Jacques Reeves was also taken in the seventh round in 2004, and is now a member of the Houston Texans. Last year, he had four interceptions.

In 2005, Parcells hit several home runs. He took demon pass-rusher DeMarcus Ware in the first round. He selected DE Marcus Spears nine picks later, who has also been very good for the Cowboys.

He then selected Marion Barber in the fourth round, who is one of the better running backs in the NFL.

In the same round, he selected DE Chris Canty; whose numbers aren't spectacular but was responsible for occupying blockers to give Ware a chance to rough up opposing QBs.

DE Jay Ratliff was taken in the seventh round, and also is a good player on defense. This was a spectacular draft for Parcells that put the franchise to be in position to contend every year since.

In 2006, Parcells didn't have a good draft but did select TE Anthony Fasano out of Notre Dame in the second round. While he wasn't used much in the passing game in Dallas, this was probably due to the presence of Jason Witten on the Cowboy roster.

Parcells has since taken Fasano with him to Miami, where Fasano had a good season last year, catching seven touchdowns.

When you also consider that Parcells signed Tony Romo as an undrafted free agent, he basically put together the roster that has had the Cowboys competing for a playoff spot every year.

The point here is that Parcells has a knack for finding studs, while Reese has done a very good job drafting players that are good but not great, as well as role players.

This analysis of course does not include Parcells' drafts from his careers with the Jets, Patriots and Giants, some of which were very productive indeed.

In conclusion, it looks as if the Giants would've made a good decision either way. However, I contend that their roster might have included a few more big-time players at this point had Parcells been at the helm.

And please...somebody tell Cowboys fans that they owe Parcells a lot more respect than they have given him.