Not Drafted? What Can You Do After?

Clement FocketCorrespondent IApril 12, 2008

You're maybe wondering where some of your guys end up if not drafted in the League.

Many will perform in the Arena, the NFL Europa or the CFL, but some of them find a place in Europe.

Yes, I already mentioned the NFL branch, but this is not what I'm talking about.

Indeed, in Europe and especially in France teams hire former university players offering them a place to leave and giving them an income(about 1000€ per month).

I have to admit that the French championship can be quite boring for an American player, but it sounds like a great opportunity for those who want to learn French and discover that great place which is France.

That's why, many players end-up in France. I had the possibility to see a former third RB from UCLA playing on our fields, but also Linebackers and Quarterbacks.

So, think about it. Why should I stop playing football if I could played in France and be payed for that ?

But, don't assume that it's easy to integrate our league. We take the bests !

So, if you want to contact a club, you can go through the federation and its website (


  • For more information about the transfers :


Official website :

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Once again, think about it.