Derek Jeter's Girlfriend May Be Wearing Engagement Ring; Internet Loses Its Mind

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 15, 2013

Derek Jeter may or may not be engaged to Hannah Davis, who may or may not be wearing an engagement ring. Really, the only thing that is certain is the two now have our attention.

Sports Grid, Business Insider, The Big Lead and many others spotted a rather intriguing image of Jeter's beautiful girlfriend walking around with what looks to be a giant mountain of ice on her hand. 

Like a caring grandmother, the entire Internet has been wondering when this sweet young boy will finally settle down, so it makes sense all eyes are now firmly fixated on the rock on Davis' hand. 

Seeing as how the Yankees star and the model are mum on the subject, we deliver the various pieces of circumstantial evidence spotted around the Web at the moment and let you decide. 

The Daily News' Confidenti@l has a report with thoughts and pictures on the matter. 

First off, here is a picture of Jeter and Davis leaving a Starbucks in Manhattan:

They look just like any couple walking from a Starbucks minus the exasperated look that comes with spending 10 bucks on two beverages that won't get you drunk. 

Here is a zoomed-in picture of Davis' hand:

I bet you didn't think you would be investigating this matter when you woke up this morning, did you?

Well, that is certainly a ring on the left hand—which is the right hand—but it doesn't mean a wedding is in the future. 

The report maintains that the 39-year-old MLB star and the 23-year-old Davis haven't actually confirmed they are dating, but it's widely assumed considering how much time they spend together. 

Well, there will be some more assumptions in regard to specific jewelry. Here is what the report had to offer: 

Hannah Davis, who was wearing a diamond ring just a bit smaller than a catcher’s mitt on her left ring finger. Further digging shows that Davis has been sporting the giant gem since July, when she shined bright at a Miami fashion show.


A rep for Jeter didn’t return our request for comment, while a spokesman for Davis said, “We don’t comment on our clients’ personal lives.”

But the diamond bling is definitely an engagement ring, according to one Diamond District jewelry expert, who told Confidenti@l the piece is “elegant.”

Well, no need to send out save-the-dates, because we have this confirmation on lockdown, Jeter. 

However, before we all head out to buy the couple a blender off their future registry, Business Insider's Cork Gaines spotted the following image of Davis sporting the same ring a couple of weeks ago at a MOMA event:

(Image via Business Insider

Gaines writes:

Not only is she wearing the ring backwards as compared to the Daily News picture, but a clearer image of the ring shows that it does not look like a classic engagement and instead looks like a ring with an elaborate wrap design and made up of numerous small diamonds.

He continues by offering it could still mean wedding bells, but let's not get carried away with assumptions. 

This is just the byproduct of a much-beloved athlete who has dated the likes of Jessica Biel, Minka Kelly and Jessica Alba, among many other starlets. 

Seriously, Jeter, when are you going to find a nice girl and settle down already? We are worried about you, bubala. 


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