Viewers Pick Random Robinson Cano Ad as No. 1 'SportsCenter' Commercial

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Democracy is a powerful thing. It’s a tool that gives the people the right to choose a person or thing that best represents their identity and wishes.

Sometimes democracy fails us, however. That was recently proven by viewers choosing a random Robinson Cano commercial as the best "This is SportsCenter" advertisement in the history of ESPN.

The failure of the democratic process occurred on Thursday at the end of ESPN’s countdown of the 50 greatest "This is SportsCenter" commercials of all time. It was an hour of televised advertising gold that promised to rekindle everyone’s childhood love and respect for the Worldwide Leader in Sports.

Hosted by comedian and actor Jason Sudeikis, the program rolled through many of the old classics, counting down to the best of the best.

This can only go well, right?

Well, the list came down to the No. 1 spot—and that’s when tragedy struck. 

The greatest "This is SportsCenter" commercial of all time wound up being a random spot involving Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano. The joke of the ad is that Cano gets everyone in Bristol sick because he loves to give crazy high fives.

Womp womp.

According to Matt Yoder of Bloguin, ESPN promoted and tallied the vote over Facebook in collaboration with Burger King, which led to the random commercial being selected. In other words, it was an unpopular choice made by popular vote.

Seeing the weak commercial at the top spot was the equivalent of a record skipping at a party, and many viewers had no idea how it ended up as the No. 1 of all time.

SportsCenter also seemed to think it was a poor choice, tweeting out the result with a strong "YOU," putting the onus of the selection on viewers.

So, yes, Cano giving people high fives beat John Clayton rocking out to Slayer. 


It even topped “American Cheese.”


The system isn’t broken, but democracy took a shot to the papa pouch on Thursday. It might be time to reform the way we choose our humorous commercials, America.

Join me on Twitter, where can try to move past this tragedy.

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