Seattle Mariners Video: Watch Money Rain Down on Safeco Field

Tim KeeneyContributor IJuly 28, 2013

They say it rains a lot in Seattle, but this is just ridiculous. 

During Sunday afternoon's game between the Seattle Mariners and Minnesota Twins, money began to rain down from the heavens shortly before the bottom of the seventh inning.

The act caused a flurry of joy throughout Safeco Field, as fans undoubtedly had visions of never going back to work again. 

Alas, they were only dollar bills. 

Still, unless the game is being played in Alex Rodriguez's backyard, you don't tend to see money pouring out onto the field at sporting events. 

So, what exactly caused this mysterious act?

Was Adam "Pacman" Jones sitting on the retractable roof of Safeco, making it rain on the fans? Was this guy sitting in the upper deck when a nice breeze moved through the stadium? Was Seattle hero and billionaire Chris Hansen just bored?

The real reason wasn't nearly as exciting as any of the above. 

As KOMO news' Seth Wayne showed us, the dollar bills were simply an advertising stunt for a website:

Umm ... It just literally rained dollar bills at the @mariners game! @Kevin_Martinez what's this about??!

— Seth Wayne (@SethonKOMO) July 28, 2013

For those wondering, here is what has in their "who we are" section: 

The inspiration for 5KTailgate derived from our desire to combine the fun atmosphere of a color run with the amazing energy people bring to celebrate their home team at sporting events.

By setting up 3.1 miles of a laid back version of a 5k race filled with your teams colored powder, lots of laughs, and ending with all your friends and fellow fans. While celebrating the day before a big game in a huge fan filled tailgate you will enojoy pumped up music, amazing local food and ice cold beers.

Of course, the people running the site weren't exactly prepared for the success the marketing ploy was about to have. According to radio producer Kevin Schockey, the site dropped $6,000 in singles, but it had trouble dealing with all of the increased web traffic. 

Still, working too well is better than not working at all. 

Next time I need to promote something, forget advertising online or in the newspaper. I'm going to make it rain Washingtons at a sporting event.